DMN Blog:Romo endures pain at Jessica Simpson concert

Discussion in 'Off-topic Zone' started by Mr Cowboy, Oct 17, 2008.

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    Tim MacMahon E-mail News tips
    Man, do I feel bad. I forgot to remind you folks that Jessica Simpson's State Fair concert was tonight. Believe it or not, it slipped my mind with all the Valley Ranch drama this week.

    Fortunately, SportsDay gossip reporter Julie Lukshin made it to Fair Park to hear Jessica's country crooning. She informs us that Tony Romo toughed it out with his fractured pinkie to hear his girlfriend sing.

    This is good news for those of you who want Romo to play against the Rams. Can you imagine how inspiring it'd be to hear Jessica sing "You're My Sunday" on Texas turf?

    For those who want to whine about this post having nothing to do with football, chill out and watch this video about the keys to a Cowboys win in St. Louis. Oh, and if you're checking this here blog at 10 p.m., click over to NFL Network. They're showing the 49ers great playoff comeback vs. the Giants from 2003, one of T.O.'s best games. Fourth quarter just started.
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    I saw a clip and Jason Witten was also there with his wife.
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    Probably tougher on his ears than on his pinkie.
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    I saw a newspaper review that said when Romo left to go backstage during the band introductions that a third of the crowd left as well. Anyone here go?
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    no & that's because i don't live in dallas. i live in montana.

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