News: DMN Blog: Scandrick says he has 'very little pain' but some soreness still in ankle

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    ByBrandon George / Reporter | Bio

    2:05 PM on Wed., Sep. 28, 2011 | Permalink

    IRVING -- Cowboys cornerback Orlando Scandrick, who suffered a right high ankle sprain in the season opener at the Jets, won't likely play Sunday against Detroit but he's doing more to get back as soon as possible.

    Scandrick said Wednesday that this was the second consecutive day he's done resistance work on the practice field.

    "I have very little pain but definitely some soreness," Scandrick said. "It's not going to be any good to get me back there for one week and then miss another game.

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    Rest and get back on the field after the Bye Week...
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    I hope we have him back for our upcoming games against Buffalo and New England.

    Those teams can toss the rock around plenty and we'll need all hands on deck to try to stop them.
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    He'll be back by those games...

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