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Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by jlust22, Aug 5, 2006.

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    Scrimmage observtions

    **Let’s remember the scrimmage statistics were unofficial and go from there …

    For the quarterbacks: Drew Bledsoe was 9-of-18 for 73 yards; Tony Romo was 8-of-18 for 86 yards, Drew Henson was 12-of-16 for 150 yards. Romo and Henson led two touchdown drives and one field goal drive apiece, while Bledsoe directed two drives that ended in field goals.

    For the running backs: Julius Jones was nine for 43 yards; Marion Barber was eight for 70. He also had a 40-yard catch.

    Sacks: Chris Canty two, Bobby Carpenter two, Greg Ellis one, DeMarcus Ware one, John Saldi one.

    **Wide receiver Terry Glenn did not appear to play much after the opening series. Patrick Crayton and Terrance Copper took most of the turns with the first team.

    **Smart play by center Al Johnson to snap the ball once rookie defensive end Jason Hatcher jumped off-side. Marc Colombo and Andre Gurode worked with the first team line the whole scrimmage at right tackle and center, while Rob Petitti and Flozell Adams rotated at left tackle.

    **On an 11-yard gain Julius Jones lost his right Under Armor cleat. Jones looked definitive as he hit the hole on a number of runs.

    **Linebacker Ricky Boiman was lectured by Parcells after flinging tight end Ryan Hannam to the ground. The defense was supposed to bring it, but not finish the tackles during the scrimmage.

    **Cornerback Terence Newman provided one of the two collisions of the day when he broke up a Bledsoe-to-Copper pass with a blindside hit, and safety Keith Davis had the other when he broke through the line to pop Keylon Kincade for a 5-yard loss.

    **Tight end Tony Curtis has been up and down during camp, but Saturday was an up day. He had a nice grab of a Romo pass down the seam for 27 yards just over linebacker Ryan Fowler.

    **As Parcells put the players through post-scrimmage sprints, he gave Flozell Adams, recovering from knee surgery, a little bit of a head start in a group with other offensive and defensive linemen.

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    Running game is OK

    Julius Jones and and Marion Barber had some decent runs during the scrimmage.

    But in a key reserve running back battle, Tyson Thompson and Keylon Kincade each had one dropped pass.

    When Kincade dropped his pass, Parcells, who I think likes Keylon, said, "come on Keylon."

    Kincade and Thompson bounced back to have some good runs.

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    Scrimmage stuff

    Greg Ellis had the first sack and Terence Newman made a nifty play, tipping a Drew Bledsoe pass away on the first series.

    Chris Canty was credited with a sack and had a good hit on Julius Jones.

    On Tony Romo's first series, he looked pretty good, rolling to his right and completing a five-yard pass to tight end Tony Curtis.

    On a third and five, Romo had a potential first down pass dropped by running back Keylon Kincade. It forced the offense to settle for a 45-yard field goal.

    I saw a nice one-handed grab by tight end Ryan Hannam from a Drew Henson pass.

    Romo, with a short pump fake, threw incomplete on a sideline pass to Terrance Copper.

    Tyson Thompson dropped a pass after Henson beat the pressure with a throw over the middle.

    Kicker Shaun Suisham was short and wide right on a 50-yard attempt.

    On a flea-flicker, tight end Anthony Fasano missed his block on Al Singleton, then was called for holding.

    First round pick, linebacker Bobby Carpenter showed good pursuit on a screen pass to Julius Jones.

    After a long run by Marion Barber, who was several steps out of bounds, safety Keith Davis knocked him down, resulting in a penalty.

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    Drew Henson's numbers look very good. I'm sure that Drew was playing against more second and third stringers, but he was probably also playing with more of them.

    I know that a lot of fans have already made their minds up regarding the QBs. I'm hopeful that both can and will have places in this league. Whichever one of them - if either - ends up playing for the Cowboys will certainly have my support.
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    OH MY GOD!! We should bench Bledsoe for Henson!!@!!!#@#
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    Cue the Henson man lovers crowning him the next Elway...
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    carpenter starting to come along he going be a monster.
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    Cue the fake Cowboy fans. Can't let a Dallas Cowboy player have a good game against 3rd stringers? Wow, you have major agenda you need to seek counseling about.
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    by the stats Henson played well
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    What? That doesn't sound like the Drew Henson we've all been hearing about lately. It seemed like everything being reported out of TC was all negative regarding Henson's performance and now we get this.


    I just hope that it's not a fluke and he will show a little more consistency as the TC continues.
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    Why would you expect Drew Bledsoe to even have a decent game against Terrence Newman, I mean seriously your not supposed to throw in his direction:D
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    Let's not go overboard on these stats. He was playing with 3rd stringers more than likely against 3rd stringers. It wasn't a live game, he wouldn't get blindsided or anything. The bullets haven't even really started flying yet. So take it for what it is, possible improvement from the beginning of camp. Thats all he and the rest of the team needs to do; progress not regress.
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    Cheer for the jersey, not the name on the back of it..
  12. Iago33

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    Can't we be a little encouraged that our backup qbs are showing something? Please?
    Come on. No one is going overboard. It looks like Romo and Henson played relatively well. That's a nice change from the complete domination by the defense we've heard about during training camp. We all know they weren't playing the superbowl champs!
  13. Iago33

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    No, let's just put a big X over the jersey!
  14. The30YardSlant

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    HA!!! :lmao:
  15. Cochese

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    Never, I am a fan of the team and if Drew Henson ever decides to do what he is capable of, I will eat the happiest crow I have ever eaten in my entire life.
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    I guess, Replacing Bledsoe with Romo is out of question now eh? Well untill next preseason game when he might have a good game that is :D

    Really, pre-season or scrimmage, I think people who think Romo might replace Bledsoe as Starter this season are really dreaming. But I do predict regardless of how Romo vs Henson competition turns out, I think Romo will be no. 2 QB, because of Romo is the official holder ( as it seems from Vanderjagt comments etc.).
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    I am surprised by Henson's numbers .....I am happy for him and hope he keeps it up!
  18. Crown Royal

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    I think it's funny tht for the past week or so, it's fine to gush over Romo, however, if Henson appears to have a good game and you mention it, you are a Henson Jock Rider.
  19. Draegerman

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    Me too, CC. The thing is though, imo, Henson's problems are mostly mental. The guy has all the physical tools that an NFL-caliber qb could ever want but when it comes to confidence/decision making, he seems to be lacking. I was convinced that as he gained more experience playing football again, he would be able to overcome his mental shortcomings. Unfortunately, it doesn't seem to be working out for him - not yet anyway. I honestly believe that he's trying too hard out there to impress Parcells. He wants the coach to notice him but he's also scared as hell about messing up while the Tuna's eyeballs are burning a hole through his shoulder pads.
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    I think MB3 is on his way to becoming our version of Brian Westbrook. Showing some nice versatility ....

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