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Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Draegerman, Aug 5, 2006.

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    Greg Ellis had the first sack and Terence Newman made a nifty play, tipping a Drew Bledsoe pass away on the first series.

    Chris Canty was credited with a sack and had a good hit on Julius Jones.

    On Tony Romo's first series, he looked pretty good, rolling to his right and completing a five-yard pass to tight end Tony Curtis.

    On a third and five, Romo had a potential first down pass dropped by running back Keylon Kincade. It forced the offense to settle for a 45-yard field goal.

    I saw a nice one-handed grab by tight end Ryan Hannam from a Drew Henson pass.

    Romo, with a short pump fake, threw incomplete on a sideline pass to Terrance Copper.

    Tyson Thompson dropped a pass after Henson beat the pressure with a throw over the middle.

    Kicker Shaun Suisham was short and wide right on a 50-yard attempt.

    On a flea-flicker, tight end Anthony Fasano missed his block on Al Singleton, then was called for holding.

    First round pick, linebacker Bobby Carpenter showed good pursuit on a screen pass to Julius Jones.

    After a long run by Marion Barber, who was several steps out of bounds, safety Keith Davis knocked him down, resulting in a penalty.
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    Thanks for the report.....
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    who is this Tony Curtis guy? I don't remember him or where he's from....

    oh and congrats to me on becoming Mr 3000
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    If memory serves, he was the TE grabbed from off Baltimore's practice squad a couple of years ago.
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    Nope. Raw free agent rookie last year who made the practice squad.
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    Congrats ghst187! :clap2: You only have me beat by 2,311 posts, but I'm quickly closing the gap. ;)

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