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Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by WoodysGirl, Jan 22, 2009.

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    Senior Bowl final say

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    Calvin Watkins E-mail News tips

    Sorry we missed you guys on Wednesday with a report from the Senior Bowl. We had a lot going on yesterday.

    Here's a wrap up of things.

    Playing well.

    Wide receiver Brian Robiskie, running good routes and making catches.
    Tight end John Phillips from Virginia looked pretty good as did Oklahoma State's Brandon Pettigrew. Both tight ends can catch the ball in space and block.

    Punter Thomas Morstead, yeah a punter, is booming things here. The former SMU punter picked up some weight and has improved his technique.

    Tackle Michael Oher from Ole Miss has been impressive and his teammate defensive lineman Peria Jerry have performed well during workouts.

    NFL Network's Mike Mayock, who is watching the practices in Mobile had this to say regarding Texas Tech quarterback Graham Harrell: "A different kind of offensive style, the majority of his throws are from 0-11 yards. He has to make that intermediate throw. I was impressed actually by his ability to transition under center especially in the play action game. I like his ability to get the ball out quickly."

    Mayock pointed out that Harrell doesn't have a big arm and could be a backup in this league.

    Former defensive coordinator Brian Stewart is interviewing with a few teams looking for secondary coaches.

    The Cowboys are still talking to DeMarcus Ware's agent about extending him long-term.
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    Good stuff
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    I think Harrell would make a fine backup to learn and groom under Tony. He's accurate as hell, and he's a coaches kid. He's one of the few athletes in the NCAA to have a perfect 4.0 GPA, very smart.

    We could get him in the later rounds, such as that #1 we have in the 4th (Detroits pick).

    I know Tech has there "system" offense, but like Harrell said if it works so well why isn't everyone doing it! Well now they are.

    He's cool and calm.....and don't laugh, but he reminds me a lot of Tom Brady....the character part of him....he's relaxed and a great leader.

    Would be a great move for us.
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    From this point forward, I'm not interested in any QB for the Cowboys if said QB does not have a strong arm... enough with the noodle-armed "smart" QBs...

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