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    Bob Sturm / Contributor | Bio
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    Yesterday, I had another opportunity to chat a little football with Sam Monson from Pro Football Focus. I wanted to keep things primarily on the defense this time, and work our way through a few issues. I hope you enjoy.

    Bob Sturm: I thought we could start with your thoughts on adding Rob Ryan since he hadn't joined the squad last time we did this. What did you think of that hire and what do you think of the types of things he likes to do defensively.

    PFF Sam Monson: Rob Ryan is still a bit of an enigma. You can't deny the bloodlines, and the NFL is big on bloodlines, but he hasn't ever really built a dominant defensive unit yet like his brother or father. That being said he was able to make the Browns into a good looking unit overall, albeit with some holes

    Bob Sturm: No doubt. I guess I liked his concepts in Cleveland, but I always wondered how NFL people would rate his personnel options compared to the norm. It seemed rather shallow there.

    PFF Sam Monson: The Browns had some good players on D, but they also had some major problems. I think it's fair to say Ryan probably got more from the unit than the talent there would suggest he should have. That's good news for the Cowboys since they already have a very talented unit on D, and a couple of players that give a creative coach some real flexibility

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