News: DMN: Bob Sturm: Cowboys penalties were 'comical' and 'killer'

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    Bob Sturm

    SportsDayDFW phoned Bob Sturm to comment on the Cowboys' loss to the Titans. The following is a transcription of the interview:

    On the Marc Colombo' penalty for a celebratory somersault in the end zone: It's a most bizarre ruling. One that I am pretty unclear on. I would hope the officials go around in training camp and explain these things. It's a dubious ruling. It's somewhat appropriate for the course given the way the Cowboys are playing right now and finding a way to shoot themselves in the feet on a regular basis.

    On the penalties and lake of takeaways: Penalties and takeaways are working together to sabotage this thing. The penalties are absolute killers. As we look at the first drive today when the Titans marched down the field, most of the field was just given to them.

    (In the fourth quarter) There was the 15 (yards) on the celebration, 5 on the false start, 15 on the face mask. It's almost comical. You will lose to anyone in this league on a minus-3 takeaway (stat). And the Cowboys have done it in both of their home games against teams they were favored against. It's just fundamentals -- they are not where they need to be. It's the great equalizer in this league when you have superior talent and you do the opposition favor afte favor after favor.

    The Cowboys have plenty of talent, but it's not like they are way better. This league is just too close.

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    Truly a comedic tragedy....
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    yeah we really need to get these stupid penalties together

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