News: DMN: 'Boys Patient In FA But Have Spent Big Before

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    Spending Plan
    'Boys Patient In FA But Have Spent Big Before
    Rob Phillips

    IRVING, Texas - At the start of the offseason, Cowboys owner/general manager Jerry Jones made clear that he must field a more competitive team in 2012. To do that, he sounded willing to compete off the field, too – that is, bid for a top free agent if the money's right and the opportunity presents itself.

    "(Executive vice president) Stephen (Jones) and a lot of the crew he works with regarding the cap, regarding the contracts and all of that, has given us a chance to have some room to improve this team this year," Jones said. "And we will use it. It's very important that we are highly competitive this year."

    Estimations are the Cowboys can create upwards of $20 million in salary cap space if needed. They have decisions looming on two prominent unrestricted free agents of their own – outside linebacker Anthony Spencer, who quite possibly will receive the franchise tag by Monday's deadline, and wide receiver Laurent Robinson – and they are expected to tender restricted free agent fullback Tony Fiammetta at around $1.26 million...

    ... 2005: Motivated by a 6-10 finish – a major step backward from a 10-win season a year earlier – Jones handed $28 million in signing bonuses to cornerback Anthony Henry, guard Marco Rivera and nose tackle Jason Ferguson in a single day. It marked one of the most proactive free agent splashes in team history, done partly to arm head coach Bill Parcells with adequate personnel for his switch to a 3-4 defense. Waived quarterback Drew Bledsoe also signed a three-year, $14 million contract in February before free agency opened.

    2006: Terrell Owens' name carried plenty of star power that year, but the Cowboys didn't exactly pay the controversial receiver like one. His three-year, $25 million deal included a mere $5 million signing bonus. The club also signed a pair of solid, under-the-radar starters: Linebacker Akin Ayodele and guard Kyle Kosier. They did splurge (by kicker standards) on Mike Vanderjagt for three years, $5.4 million...
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    When you evaluate our roster, we clearly have a hole at CB with the pending release of Newman, a hole at Safety, and IMO I think we have a hole at OG and OC right now.

    Outside of that, our biggest issue is depth.

    Now, we can solve the major hole at CB in FA (Carr perhaps), and we can probably shore up Safety with Elam (worst case I would hope). If we brought back Holland (likely on the cheap), while he's not a world beater, he's adequate at OG. We can also get a vet OC in FA as well (Koppen? Hardwick?)

    I think that should really allow us to take the BPA in April, getting more talent at LB, CB, OL, etc.
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    If the rumors about Mario WIlliams are true and we do sign him. You can forget about any other big FA signing. Need to start looking at the second tier of FA's.

    Mike Adams - Safety
    Dan Connor - ILB
    Koppen - center

    don't know what CB's are second tier, but I doubt we sign Williams and Carr or Finnegan.
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    I actually think that the names you mentioned above is the exact type of FA we will go after regardless if we sign M Williams or not.

    I think it would be either Williams or Carr as well. It would be challenging to do both plus pick up a Safety, ILB depth, Center, re-sign Robinson, back-up QB, etc.
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    It's insane to franchise Spencer....8-9 mill per year for JAG...Go GM Jerry !!
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    I'm not so sure about that. Should Dallas extend Romo contract they could create more cap space in the process
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    That 05 FA class always bugs me. Henry was vastly underrated in his time here, Ferguson was solid, and Rivera would have been a real good pick up if he hadn't gotten hurt. Those were all good moves imo.
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    Should have gotten matt wahle for the same price as Rivera at the time.
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    For the 100th Time Wahle made it very clear it would cost a LOT more for him to go anywhere else but Carolina. He was NOT an option.
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    those were good signings. FA is always a gamble and we lost on Rivera. Ferguson got hurt and was obsolete by the time he was well again. Henry just deteriorated but we got three good years out of him.

    Shame about Rivera - he was outstanding on the Packers - the sort of guy you'd love to have on your OL

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