News: DMN: Breaking Down the ‘Boys: Why Barry Church Is Ready to Start at Safety

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    Breaking Down the ‘Boys: Why Barry Church Is Ready to Start at Safety

    By Jonathan Bales
    10:51 am on August 16, 2012 | Permalink


    With the release of safety Brodney Pool, it’s looking more and more like Barry Church will be the Cowboys’ starting safety opposite Gerald Sensabaugh on opening night. The move—letting a veteran player walk in favor of a young, albeit unproven commodity—has become typical for Jason Garrett during his short reign as head coach. It’s an extremely difficult decision to start a safety with zero career interceptions, but it’s the right one.

    In 2011, I tracked Church as racking up 18 solo tackles. Playing 172 snaps, Church’s tackle rate of 10.5 percent was by far the best on the team. As a point of comparison, linebacker Sean Lee was second on the team with a 9.3 percent tackle rate.

    In his rookie season of 2010, we saw similar production from Church. He totaled 10 solo tackles in 120 snaps, good for an 8.3 percent tackle rate. Again, that was one of the best marks on the defense.

    At 6’2’’, 218 pounds, Church often lines up near the line-of-scrimmage. However, if you think Church generated a bunch of tackles simply because he has only played the run, think again. During his two-year career, Church has played just 31.2 percent of his snaps against the run. Even though he doesn’t have a ton of experience, it’s a good sign that Church is making plays when he’s in the game...

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