News: DMN:Breaking Down the ‘Boys: Why Cowboys’ offense in Atlanta again lacked creativity

Discussion in 'News Zone' started by Mr Cowboy, Nov 5, 2012.

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    The lack of creativity is highlighted by the straightforward nature of Garrett’s calls; we see few playaction passes, screens, double-moves, counters, and other types of plays designed to trick the defense. Instead, there’s a see-if-you-can-stop-us mentality on offense that, more often than not, ends up benefiting the opponent.

    In a game in which I thought Garrett might spread the field and really open up the offense, we saw more of the same old Cowboys offense on Sunday night. Tony Romo threw just two playaction passes—both completed for 19 total yards. On the season, the Cowboys have completed 79.2 percent of their 26 playaction passes. They’ve totaled 11.5 YPA and a 107.8 passer rating on playaction looks, allowing zero sacks in the process.

    One of Garrett’s playaction pass calls was a screen to Miles Austin—just the 12th screen pass all season. Only seven screen passes have gone to running backs. When the lack of downfield passing attempts shows Garrett doesn’t have confidence in the pass protection ability of his offense line, you’d expect more than one true screen per game from the offense.
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    If I could get an OL that Garrett expects to have for his offense to work, I'd charge Jerry Jones a hell of a lot cheaper rate than what Garrett is making and win a Super Bowl...
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    I've been harping on for three years, that play-action is absolutely non-existent in this offense and the only time we ever move the ball is when Romo goes no huddle or up-tempo. I've been saying for the last 3 years, when we slow the pace down and essentially run Garrett's 'game-plan' this team is consistenyl faced with 3 and outs, or 2 drives and an out. I've been saying it consistently that Garrett puts tremendous pressure on this offense, when he wastes his first down yardage putting us in 2nd and long holes, only to have Romo trying to avoid pressure, because of the need to get large chunks of yardage. I've been saying it for 3 years, that Garrett's long-developing pass plays hurt this team and pass protection, because it just takes way too long for the play to develop and was one of the reasons why defendors were just flying around our bigger lineman. We don't attack the seams at all.

    Garrett has no clue what he is doing in reality, and never has. There is no change in this team offensively and until we revamp his whole system, it's going to continue. Jerry needs to either get a full-time OC to call all the plays and let Garrett just manage the game or just get rid of him altogether.

    Romo's years have been wasted not just this year, but the last few years.
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    The scary part is that there are quality control employees who keep track of all these stats and more to help coaches avoid becoming predictable and to know which calls are most effective in which situations...someone isn't paying attention.
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    I've been saying this for quite some time now - not only is the play-calling bad, but apparently so is our PLAY BOOK. I have never seen such a vanilla, boring, Dallas Cowboys offense in many, many years.
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    It is almost as if David Shula was the head coach of the Cowboys...:confused:
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    cue the usual excuses

    garrett just became the HC, yada yada

    oh wait, he has been OC for 5 years
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    Bernadeau was the problem with the offense against the Falcons. He continues to be the problem. Had we not gone completely defense in the draft, we might have had a good shot. Picking up other teams rejects and expecting them to start for us is a recipe for failure.

    At least Ryan got what he wanted. Not that he is doing anything with it.
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    Red is a stuburnb man. He has has clear tells in his formational playcalling for years and I bet in his personal as well...all of which remain. Those are the things that give the other teams the confidance to know what play is coming out of those formations for that down and distance.

    I as hoping Ryan could self scout the team and help with some of that. Its a problem that no one was addressed with Red, wish he had a HC that knew this basic stuff to mentor him.

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