News: DMN: Breaking Down the ‘Boys: Why Tony Romo will throw it deep in 2012

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    Breaking Down the ‘Boys: Why Tony Romo will throw it deep in 2012

    By Jonathan Bales

    One of the primary areas of concern for the Cowboys’ offense in 2012 is effectively replacing wide receiver Laurent Robinson. Robinson was sensational in Dallas last season; his ability to stretch the field vertically helped the Cowboys move the ball in Miles Austin’s absence. Actually, Robinson caught 58.8 percent of his targets that were thrown 20 yards or longer—good for the third-best mark in the NFL.

    Of course, Robinson wasn’t the only receiver to whom Tony Romo succeeded throwing the ball deep. Over his career, Romo has been remarkably adept at throwing the ball downfield. A big reason for that is his ability to buy time in the pocket, allowing receivers to get open even if they were initially covered.

    I detailed Romo’s superb deep passing ability in my projection of his 2012 season, arguing the ‘Boys need to throw downfield way more often than their 6.6 deep ball rate from 2011. Here is more evidence why. . .

    (chart provided on site)

    I’ve tracked all of Romo’s throws from the past three years by location and distance. Above, you can see the passer rating he has generated throughout nine areas of the field. The peak is on throws of 20-plus yards to the right side of the field. Although those throws represent just 4.0 percent of his passes, Romo has amazingly racked up 17.1 percent of his touchdowns in this area.

    Overall, Romo’s passer rating on deep passes is 114.3 since 2009—superior than the 103.6 rating on intermediate throws and the 97.0 rating on short throws...
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    Breaking Down the ‘Boys: Why Tony Romo should top the 4,000-yard mark in 2012

    By Jonathan Bales

    No player on the Dallas Cowboys is a more polarizing figure than Tony Romo. He’s one of the few players on the team and in the NFL who is simultaneously “the most overrated player in the league” and “one of the most underrated quarterbacks of all-time.”

    Quietly, Romo’s 2011 season was perhaps the best of his career. He posted a career-high 102.5 passer rating—pretty good for a quarterback who owns the NFL’s second-highest career mark. More importantly, Romo’s 31:10 touchdown-to-interception ratio was the best he has ever recorded.

    So how will Romo follow up his electric 2011 campaign? The stats say 2012 could be even more impressive.

    Last year, Romo tossed 32.6 passes per game. In 2010 and 2011, Romo averaged 34.4 and 41.2 passes per contest, respectively. Thus, even with the presence of DeMarco Murray, Romo is unlikely to see much of a dip in pass attempts.

    The nature of Romo’s passes could change, however. Last season, Romo threw the ball deep (meaning 20-plus yards in the air) on only 6.6 percent of pass plays. That rate ranked him just 37th in the NFL. The lack of deep looks is one reason Romo’s 12.09 yards-per-completion from 2011 is actually below his career mark of 12.46, despite increased efficiency in all other areas of his game.

    In 2012, you’re almost assuredly going to see more deep passes from the Cowboys. With Dez Bryant looking like legitimate No. 1 receiver material and thriving on deep passes, you have to think Romo’s deep ball percentage will increase near the 13.5 percent that it was in 2010. Plus, Jason Garrett will likely call for more deep looks simply because Romo has been successful with them. Last year, Romo’s 55.2 percent completion percentage and 125.4 passer rating on throws of 20-plus yards were both second-best in the NFL....
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    John Clayton's ranking of NFL quarterbacks:

    8. Tony Romo, Dallas Cowboys

    Analysis: When will people get off his back? When healthy, Romo has thrown for more than 4,000 yards and between 26 and 36 touchdowns per season. The concern, however, is that some of the talent around him is getting older and more brittle.

    Arrow is pointing: flat
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    I bet the reason Garrett doesn't call for more deep passes is because he doesn't feel like flipping a coin with Romo's health everytime he drops back. Yes, he excels and is able to extend the play like no one else, but the longer he HAS to hold the ball, the risk increases that this average AT BEST oline will get him killed.

    Romo can drop back and get the ball out quickly with the best of them, might as well stick with it. If Demarco and replicate what he did last year when healthy, Cowboys offense will be awesome.
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    I'm oldschool here. You don't discontinue a productive tool, because it isn't being operated correctly. Get your team to execute to basic standards.

    Look for excelling beyond that base standard then...Callahan, get your unit up to speed.

    Early indicators here, are that Bernadeau is solid, and when Livings returns, we should get a picture of general levels in the offensive line.

    Games agains the Rams and Dolphins should be a good time to show general levels of play with the majority of starters. Few teams go with all of their starters anyway, through an entire season. So now is a good training tool as well.

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