News: DMN: Buehler rewards Cowboys' faith with OT kick

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    INDIANAPOLIS -- The Cowboys stood by David Buehler when he missed a 34-yarder against the Washington Redskins in the season opener. They remained faithful when he was wide left on a 44-yarder against the Chicago Bears.

    They continued to show confidence even after a missed 34-yarder and had a blocked extra point against the New York Giants. Then, last week, Buehler missed a 59-yarder that likely would have taken the New Orleans Saints to overtime.

    When Buehler was wide right on a 48-yarder to end the first half Sunday, it was clear he was running out of chances.

    "How many minutes have you got?" Cowboys owner Jerry Jones said when asked if he had second-guessed himself anytime this season on keeping Buehler as his kicker.

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