DMN Camp Blog: 8/1 Mosley, Archer, Cowlishaw Practice Reports

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    The Cowlishaw Practice Report

    Know some of you can't get enough of my thoughts from these practices, so here goes:

    • Before you get too high on seventh-round pick Pat McQuistan after reading the young Mosley's almost breathless review of his early afternoon work, you should know how he finished practice.

    The second-team offense was trying to two-minute-drill its way into field goal range when McQuistan gave up a Tony Romo sack. "You just cost your team the game,'' Parcells barked at McQuistan.

    But prior to that, Parcells had thrown the first-team offense off the field after a wild incompletion and a sack. "Give me another offense,'' Parcells yelled. "Get this group off the field.''

    • Don't sleep on linebacker Junior Glymph, who played bits and pieces with the Falcons the last two years.

    • New linebacker Rocky Boiman looked really good rushing the passer. That's the good news. The bad news is that Jason Fabini was the right tackle who didn't come close to handling him.

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    Even more Tuesday practice notes

    • Receivers coach Todd Haley did not do assistant equipment manager Mike Kurowski any favors. He had Kurowski whack the receivers with a blocking dummy after making a catch, and Kurowski caught Terry Glenn with a wicked forehand.

    • If Billy Cundiff had missed five of his first 12 kicks in training camp, I bet people would be a lot more alarmed. But it's a good time for Mike Vanderjagt, who is 5-for-12 in three days, to start making some kicks. He worked with holder Tony Romo on it after practice. The snap and hold is often overlooked when it comes to the kick and it requires a lot of work for a kicker to gain confidence in the operation.

    • The defense dominated the drill of the day. It required the offense to gain 5 yards and the defense to stop the offense short. The first-team defense won, 5-3, while the second team tied, third team defense won and fourth team tied.

    However after one good play from the offense, Parcells was tired of the defenders whining, particularly LB Bradie James.

    "Just play football over there," he said. "You want the whistle, Bradie?"

    • As he closed in on Keith Davis after an interception, rookie tackle Dennis Roland suddenly found the ball in his hands, thanks to a Davis handoff that drew chuckles from the sideline.

    • Former Cowboy Robert Bailey was on hand. He won a Super Bowl with the Cowboys in 1995 and now works with Terrell Owens’ agent, Drew Rosenhaus, on the marketing side of things.

    • During the middle of practice, the giant Ford inflatable ad came crashing down because of the gusty winds. It took several members of the marketing staff to get it in the air again.

    • Terrell Owens had three passes hit his hands and fall to the ground. Some of them would have been tough catches.

    • Anthony Henry had a nice breakup of a Drew Bledsoe pass intended for Owens during one-on-one drills in the end zone, throwing up his arm at the last second.

    • The Cowboys are good for a flea-flicker or two during a season, but the running backs might need some work on the pitch back to the quarterback. Marion Barber’s flip nearly sailed over Tony Romo's head.

    • Rookie safety Pat Watkins let what would have been his third interception in two days slip through his hands on a deep Romo pass to Patrick Crayton.

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    Early afternoon practice notes...

    • T.O. gave up on one pass from Drew Bledsoe during 7-on-7 drills and dropped another one.

    • Man spotted in an Eric Bjornson jersey in the VIP section.

    • Defensive tackle Jay Ratliff beat his man to sack Bledsoe during team drills and then screamed in celebration.

    • Todd Archer mentioned the Gauntlet in a post yesterday. Here's a picture of it from our own Irwin Thompson.

    • Assistant head coach/running game coordinator/offensive line coach Tony Sparano raced into the pile to congratulate rookie offensive tackle Pat McQuistan during team drills.

    • Safety Keith Davis picked off a Jeff Mroz pass during team drills and then flipped the ball to offensive tackle Dennis Roland.

    • LB Ryan Fowler made a nice interception on a Tony Romo pass during team drills.

    • This McQuistan guy is a bit of a surprise early in camp. He looks like he wouldn't be able to move, but he actually has decent range. You might recall that the Cowboys liked his brother, Paul, earlier in the draft.

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    I remember a quote from Cundiff last year after he left the team stating that Romo's handling of the snaps left a little to be desired. After the kicking woes that have been experienced the last few years, and bringing in the NFL's most accurate kicker -- I am wondering if this has been an under the radar issue. I know it is early in camp, but I will freak out if the 'boys spent all that mony on Vandy and we still have the same issues.
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    nice read....thanks

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    Well, I haven't actually kept track or anything but I'd also say that it seems like there are several mentions of INTs from Romo over the past few days.
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    BTW, I am not knocking Romo's qb abilities, I just wonder if the kicking problems aren't directly related to his ability as a holder.

    I don't know if anyone has studied video of the holds last year, that would be kind of interesting.
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    It would also explain why Cortez missed so many FGs to the point where Larry Allen had to jack him up.:lmao:
    Maybe Allen shook up the wrong guy.:confused:
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    thanks good stuff.
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    So did he make 5 of 12 or miss 5 of 12? Wouldn't that make him 7-12?
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    • Don't sleep on linebacker Junior Glymph, who played bits and pieces with the Falcons the last two years.

    I don't think I'd want to sleep on any NFL player. Maybe Flozell--he might be comfortable and large enough to seem like a bed.

    Who's Robert Bailey--doesn't ring a bell.

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    If memory serves, he was a DB (CB I think) for the Cowboys 95 Championship team. I think he actually came over from Washington mid season that year.
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    Good read. Just a tad worried about Vandy's kicks and Romo's holds, and a tinch worried about all the TO dropped passes. Good thing this is just TC.

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