DMN Camp Blog: Archer Afternoon Practice Observations

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    Afternoon practice observations

    • Parcells' buddy Ron Wolf showed up for his annual week of observation of training camp. The former Packers GM is a Parcells guy from way back, and the coach enjoys bouncing things off him.

    • For the first time since having knee surgery defensive end Marcus Spears did some light jogging.

    • An item that nobody else might find interesting: Rookie Miles Austin is the only receiver not to wear gloves.

    • When a punt fell to the ground and hit a player, Skyler Green was yelled at by special teams coach Bruce DeHaven and Parcells. He either needed to fair catch the ball or warn his teammates to get out of the way. He did neither.

    • After struggling in pass protection in the scrimmage, the tight ends were put through blocking drills against outside linebackers, and let's just say the linebackers won, especially Greg Ellis.

    • Sam Hurd has made a play a day, it seems, in camp, and he did again Monday when he made a diving catch of a Drew Bledsoe pass over the middle on a fourth-and-8 play with the first team.

    • The players were not in full pads for the afternoon session, and they will have just one practice Tuesday. Parcells was contemplating double sessions for a few days. Funny, when he mentioned he was thinking of having more, the players' tempo picked up in practice.

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