DMN Camp Blog: Archer, Mosley Practice Observations

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by WoodysGirl, Aug 7, 2006.

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    Practice observations

    • If the players were feeling good about themselves after their first off-day of training camp, Bill Parcells made sure that didn't last long. He had a word for just about everybody during practice. At one point before team red-zone drills, Parcells threw the first team off the field when rookie tight end Anthony Fasano messed up the formation.

    • As he announced the different teaching periods, Parcells had a new nickname for running back Julius Jones: Click, clack. :) It’s a take off of the Under Armor commercials that feature Jones and several other players.

    • It’s tough to keep veterans down. After getting beat by Skyler Green in the end zone on an out and up, cornerback Aaron Glenn came back with a perfect breakup of a pass to Patrick Crayton on his next snap.

    • Kicker Mike Vanderjagt believes he has found the issue with his slow start to camp. He didn’t have his steps down correctly, which led to him pushing kicks to the right. He made only two of four tries with the team but the ball came off his foot with more power.

    • After safety Roy Williams nearly picked off a Tony Romo pass intended for Jason Witten, he did five push-ups. It’s customary for the defensive backs to do pushups for missed or dropped interceptions.

    • New quarterback Matt Baker got one snap during seven-on-seven drills Monday, which is one more that his predecessor Jeff Mroz got in his final three days. Unfortunately for Baker, his receivers jumped the snap count. Baker is spending extra time with offensive assistant David Lee to get acquainted with the offense.

    • The release of linebacker Kai Parham shouldn't surprise. While he was familiar with the 3-4 scheme having played at Virginia, he was just too slow.

    • With Terrell Owens and Terry Glenn out with injuries, rookie free agent Sam Hurd worked with the first team. While it's a good story, it's not exactly what the Cowboys hope to see when the games arrive.

    • Julius Jones had a breeze of a touchdown run thanks to a huge lead block by tight end Anthony Fasano, which drew plenty of praise from Parcells.

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    The Mosley Report Cometh...

    The 14th practice of training camp looked somewhat similar to the first 13.
    Because we're used to T.O. sitting out, the big news of the morning was that he was joined on an exercise bike by wide receiver Terry Glenn.
    OK, it wasn't a tandem bike, but that is a funny image.

    Glenn has two huge blisters on each big toe. He had a hard time even keeping a shoe on. The good news is that San Antonio native Sam Hurd has suddenly turned into Lance Alworth.

    Parcells is playing Hurd's performance down, but all the extra reps in practice appear to be paying off. He made a couple more nice grabs during team drills. Parcells did find time to scold him after he failed to call a timeout during a situational drill.

    Here are your Monday Morning Practice Quick Hits: As someone pointed out here earlier, the Cowboys went with their white helmet, blue star this morning. They'll also wear the helmets Saturday in Seattle...Because of a heroic act by CBS 11 anchor Babe Laufenberg, folks in the Dallas area are finally allowed to see a few highlights from team drills. On the behalf of local TV stations, Laufenberg asked if videojournalists could please, please, please grab some footage of the first five plays of 11-on-11. Laufenberg must've caught Parcells in a good mood because he immediately gave the green light. Now, expect the Cowboys to work on kneeling the ball the first five plays...

    Parcells said Marc Colombo looked like he "was in high school" the first four or five plays of Saturday's scrimmage. He said the right tackle settled down and played well after that...The other big news of the morning is that second-year defensive end Jay Ratliff is apparently making a bid for a starting job. Parcells is way high on this kid...S Roy Williams closed quickly to break up a pass to TE Tony Curtis during a red zone drill...

    Parcells shouted at Jamaica Rector for dropping a ball during the same drill. Rector has faded a bit after having a strong start in camp. He needs to bounce back quickly because Hurd is showing big time...J.R. Tolver almost caused a coffee spill when he tried to haul in a pass on the sideline. Later, my colleague, Calvin Watkins, finished the job when he tried to make emphatic point by hitting me in the hand that was holding steaming coffee...CB Terence Newman raced up to knock FB Lousaka Polite out of bounds before he could score in a goal-line drill...

    CB Aaron Glenn made a nice play to break up a Drew Bledsoe pass in the red zone drill...Parcells had an animated discussion with tight ends coach Freddie Kitchens after rookie TE Anthony Fasano made a nice block on an inside running play. "Holy [expletive], Freddie. What's gotten into him? Did you light a firecracker under him!"...Parcells later shouted for Fasano to use a stiff-arm after catching a short pass...Rocky Boiman had a sack...QB Tony Romo made some really nice throws on timing patterns. He does a nice job of throwing to a spot and letting receivers make plays. He purposely threw one behind Copper, who beat Jacques Reeves on the play...So much more to come. Do not leave that laptop!

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    2-minute drill selection...

    OK, folks. I have a couple of 2-minute drills in the tank. Would you rather hear about NT Samuel Taulealea's unbelievable movie stub collection or Miles Austin's ping-pong prowess (he once beat someone on the Nicaraguan national team!).

    .Kyle Kozier blew me off this morning, but this, too, shall pass.

    OK, time to bang out a practice report. And remember to watch another groundbreaking Campcast this afternoon at WFAA-TV 8 anchor Joe "Space City" Trahan and I will be entering today's show in several Campcast contests.

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    Mosely is upping his stock at DMN with these reports. The DMN Blog is much more informative than the actual columns most of them are writing.

    In fact, it's safe to say that the DMN is beating the FWST down this season. It's been a while.
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    I'd have to agree.

    FWSt is just not offering more than the standard reporting. Even though they've got video coverage on the front Sports page, it doesn't seem inspiring enough to watch. They've got a daily buzz feature that I thought would be much more informative than it is as far as the kinda news we like. And the chat w/Hill and Mac is weak.
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    All this guy does is kick a football ... it's his only job ... and he's been doing it for many years.

    Yet, he didn't have his steps down correctly?

    Is it three steps or four ... I can't remember. :rolleyes:
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    Fricking kickers! He had better get his **** together.
  6. AdamJT13

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    I guess a 40-yard dash time isn't overrated when it's 5.03 for a linebacker.
  7. adbutcher

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    Guess not, lol. However, please tell that to the doom and gloom contingency.
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    LOL,,, my thoughts exactly,,, how the heck does the most accurate kicker in NFL history forget his steps? early stages of Alzheimer's maybe?
  9. Crown Royal

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    Alcohol related memory loss.:lmao2:
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    Funny, funny line. Absolutely cracked me up.

    Seriously though I think a kickers "steps" can probably be likened to a golfers or baseball players swing, or a pitchers throwing motion. On the surface its as simple as A-B-C.

    But then its amazing what a slight almost invisible change to that muscle memory does to ones results.

    If it truly were as simple as just kicking a ball I think we would all be willing to do that for a couple million per year eh?

    It really is amazing to me the science of some of these seemingly simple skills.
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    It doesn't take much for a top athlete to get "off his game" when his fundamentals get a little messed up... even Tiger Woods has struggled through patches of rough play when he developed a swing flaw or two...

    The important thing, of course, is that he get the incorrect fundamentals diagnosed, and fixed...
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    Well, as a Yankee fan, I can tell you that A-Rod has forgotten how to hit a ball.
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    Parham is so slow, they cut him this morning and he didn't hit the waiver wire until the afternoon.
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    I'm not sure it was just that. Oliver Hoyte isn't much faster, but seems to be doing OK.

    I think Parham had the combination of being slow and stiff working against him.
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    Nice read...thanks!
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    There was a reson he went undrafted. I'm still surprised how many thought he would at least make the practice squad. The fact he didn't even make it to the first preseason game is quite telling.
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    Mike Vrabel ran a 40 time in college near 5.0. I highly doubt Willie McGinest, Ted Johnson, and Teddy Bruschi are much faster.

    However, Parham's short shuttle (measures how quickly you can reach top speed) and 3 cone drills (measure how well you move your feet) were equally bad.

    Oliver Hoyte ran about the same 40 time as Parham, but he had very good short shuttle and 3 cone drills. LB's rarely have to run 20 yards full borne, much less than 40 yards. So the short shuttle should be far more important than the 40 time. But typically those who run great short shuttles tend to have great 40 times.


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