DMN Camp Blog: Archer, Mosley Thursday Practice observations

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by WoodysGirl, Aug 4, 2006.

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    Ah, Cooter, but he does say something. When you listen to how he has spoken about Henson in press conferences versus Romo in PCs, the difference is like night and day.

    I initially chalked that up to Romo's development just being further ahead of Henson's (and this may in fact be the case). If you take Parcells's comments at face value, then it is simply a difference in the QB development life cycle.

    Still in all, when you reflect on the entire picture, it seems entirely plausible that Parcells just doesn't like this kid for whatever reason (attitude, background, football experience, baseball experience, maybe Parcells was against the signing, etc.).

    Archer's comments about Parcells never seeming to notice when Henson makes a good play just tends to fuel the perception that Tuna seems to have no stomach for this kid.

    Again, though, this is only Archer's observation ...
  2. DBoys

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    I agree and it is just to obvious not to be true.
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    I guess they never heard of practice film.:rolleyes:
  4. DBoys

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    I am looking forward to seeing Romo in action. But if this INT stuff continues this will be it for Romo.

    I am really pulling for Bledsoe this year!
  5. DBoys

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    This is the only other possibility... I think it is more along the lines of what Cooter said though.
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    Is it my imagination, or do I detect a hint of professional envy and resentment here, and is the Dallas print media in general a little petty and difficult at times?
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    as I stated before when jerry was talking to drew's dad on Monday I got the feeling that some don't see eye to eye. Also Jerry said that he felt drew had looked the best out of all the QB'S... Look at the trend through all the notes. Henson has looked solid. Romo has been the one throwing the picks. Not Drew and Drew. Bill is over looking Henson for whatever reason no one knows. But Drew will get his shot after Bill is gone. Just wait and see. Henson WILL not be cut from this roster.
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    Yep... I think this has been obvious for a while now. The idea that this whole Romo talk from Parcells is some ploy to motivate Henson is absurd, IMO.

    BTW, Todd Archer said on 103.3 this morning that ever since Parcells talked about playing Romo more the other day, he's been terrible -- lots of interceptions and missed passes.
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    From the reports....

    I dont think any of the QB's have looked good......but then could be our defense thats is the culprit and not the QB's.......but there has been alot of overthrown balls and picks.

    my main concern is FG kicking and the OL.
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    I agree. But that comment on Romo's throw came from Haley, not BP, so why didn't the writers make that point too. BP is a great coach, he noticed Henson's throw. So it wasn't like he is going to praise either one over the other. I also think your right, Romo's contract year. Could be they are trying to show his skills so just in case they get a great trade offer, trying to boost his value. I don't think that's the case, but could have a liitle to do with it.
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    This doesn't make sense.

    Johnson is better against 4-3. The schedule is ehavy with 4-3 teams. But Gurode has seized the job? :huh:
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    Funny huh.

    I thought I read that we face ZERO 3-4 teams. Bill may be doing this for our D to get some good reps more than anything.

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