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Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by WoodysGirl, Jul 31, 2006.

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    • On Sunday, Bill Parcells wore a shirt that read, "Who's all in?" On Monday, he had one that read: "Every day is hump day," which included a picture of a camel.

    • Players hate the Gauntlet, this rubber-foamed contraption they have to run through. Drew Bledsoe skipped his turn, running on the outside before heading to position drills. A veteran can get away with that.

    • Linebacker Rocky Boiman is wearing a shin pad on his right leg. Nothing serious. He didn't miss any time.

    • Rookie Demetris Summers better pick it up in the pass-blocking department. He whiffed on at least two attempts and was thrown out of the drill by running backs coach Anthony Lynn.

    • The offensive line had a very good workout, especially in the running game. It actually carried over from Sunday's practice. Julius Jones was all smiles after practice. It was hard to pinpoint one player because they all took their turns. Jason Witten was especially strong on the outside, and Terrell Owens even blocked Greg Ellis, prompting a low-five from receivers coach Todd Haley.

    • Mike Vanderjagt missed two field goals Monday, giving him three in two days. Before his last miss even hit the ground, he groaned, "Oh, my God." It was like a golfer knowing he hit a bad drive before he finished his follow-through.

    • Rookie Pat Watkins is turning some heads. He intercepted Tony Romo on a fleaflicker pass to Terrance Copper, covering a ton of ground after he got sucked up into the run. Watkins' 6-5 frame is odd for a safety, but he can gobble up space with his long strides.

    • Keep an eye on undrafted receivers Sam Hurd and Miles Austin. They might be keepers.

    • Receiver J.R. Tolver and safety Keith Davis got into a brief skirmish. Parcells hates those dustups because he doesn't think it's part of the game. Defensive coordinator Mike Zimmer got on Davis for it, too.

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    The man behind Petitti...

    Just spent 45 minutes with Cowboys strength and conditioning coach Joe Juraszek, who has agreed to do for me what he did for offensive tackle Rob Petitti.

    Actually, Juraszek explained to me why Parcells has labeled Petitti the most improved player on the team.

    Juraszek was at the Senior Bowl before the 2005 draft when Petitti showed up at 363 pounds! Bill Parcells turned to him and said, "There's your project!"

    No one on the Cowboys' staff has spent as much time with Petitti as Juraszek. In fact, he's planning to "light a fire under" Petitti this afternoon because he hasn't been taking his workouts to the field so far in camp.

    My column on Petitti and his massive body overhaul will show up sometime tomorrow evening.

    OK, back in a moment with my practice report.


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    Let's clear something up in the kicking game...

    The signing of Cal punter Tyler Fredrickson does not mean Mat McBriar has serious competition.

    Parcells just doesn't want McBriar's leg to get tired. And yes, I know that sounds ridiculous.

    Fredrickson will also get a shot at being a kickoff specialist if Mike Vanderjagt's not up to the task. At this point, Vanderjagt hasn't even worked on kickoffs.

    For those of you suggesting that Fredrickson's ability to punt and kick off would free up a roster spot, you're heading down the wrong path.

    Parcells thinks his Australian Rules punter (McBriar) could emerge as one of the best punters in the game. McBriar hasn't always been consistent, but he has a huge leg. He's also very effective on placement kicks.

    Unless McBriar gets injured, he's here to stay. Fredrickson is an emergency player in case Vanderjagt can't kick it past the 20-yard line.


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    Big crowd a practice

    A huge crowd showed for this morning's practice. Especially for a weekday.

    OK, now I'm going to bang out my daily practice report, which will include at least two fights and some breaking Sam Hurd news. I'm serious.

    This free-agent rookie wide receiver out of Northern Illinois turned some heads this morning. The Cowboys continue to have success with players from directional schools in Illinois (see Tony Romo).

    Stay tuned!

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    Time for Romo to step up

    This nugget from Bill Parcells' news conference stuck out: It's time for backup quarterback Tony Romo to step up.

    Parcells said Romo is going to play a lot in the preseason and from the looks in practice, he's getting way more reps than No. 3 QB Drew Henson and No. 4 Jeff Mroz, whom Parcells calls "Genius" because he went to Yale.

    "I will play Tony a lot in the preseason," Parcells said. "I have to decide where he is in this room. Our plans are to play him a lot."

    When asked what happens if Romo fails to produce, meaning establish himself as the No. 2 QB, Parcells said: "What do you think? You go to a different school. That's a possiblity for every player on the field."

    Parcells was also asked if the Cowboys would sign another quarterback if Romo were cut. "We're always looking, and we would go with what we had in the meantime," he said.

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    Jean-Jacques Taylor book signing

    Just got back from Jean-Jacques Taylor's book signing.

    You know the book: "Game of My Life," a story of some of the best games in Cowboys' players history.

    Taylor is sitting here with former Cowboys defensive back James Washington at the book signing.

    It's been a long, long day for Taylor.
    In the morning practice, former Cowboy Calvin Hill asked Taylor: "Are you creole?"

    I guess Mr. Hill thought with Taylor's first name meant he was from New Orleans.

    And no, Jacques is not creole.

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    T.O. with two drops; defense playing well

    Terrell Owens has three dropped passes in the past two days of camp. He dropped a low throw from Drew Bledsoe on Sunday and he dropped two more in the morning practice today.

    Both throws were off the finger tips.

    No biggie. Owens and Terry Glenn are still the two best receivers on the field.
    Owens, by the way, wore black tights and black shoes during practice.

    The running game is still kinda slow in practice, and Bill Parcells said the defense is ahead of the offense right now.

    Roy Williams, Patrick Watkins, Aaron Glenn and Keith Davis are very active among the secondary players. Williams is knocking guys down with shoulder.

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    Well I certainly hope so.
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    I'd certainly buy an "Every Day is Hump Day" shirt if they sold one.
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    Why are the reporters so enamoured with what TO wears to practice? I half expect them to remark that black tennis shoes are "casual enough for the middle drill, yet sophisticated enough for a pre-game walk through".
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    No kidding. Just cuz they're interested in his workout attire doesn't mean the fans are as well.

    Note to Mediots: We don't care what TO is wearing.
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    Why is there so many conflicting reports on the O-Line?
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    because reporters don't know what to look for?
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    Fabini looks like "Bustini".

    I'm glad I'm not one of the folks that sactioned this signing. It looks like a total waste at this point.
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    My guess is because it's training camp, and they run dozens of drills and plays every day. Some fan at practice reports seeing Junior Glymph beat Flozell Adams around the corner on one play during some drill, and that's seen as some sign that Glymph might make the team and/or Adams is struggling. But it's just one play. And if it was in a game, it could have resulted in nothing, and nobody would have noticed unless Glymph made a tackle. Defensive guys beat offensive guys plenty of times without anything happening as a result, so nobody notices. But put them in a one-on-one drill, and every play -- no, wait, one play out of dozens -- gets resported as if it's a litmus test for both players. This is the NFL, and both guys are going to win their share of plays during drills and practice. One play, or even a handful of plays, don't indicate whether someone is doing great or terribly. That's why the coaches film every play, break down the film and grade players based on hundreds or thousands of plays, not one play here and another play there.
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    I think the last two have been much better then the first few practices...and everyone panicked because of the first few.

    In about two weeks if we have serious concerns I will worry, but anything earlier then that is panic for nothing. The oline takes longer to gel...
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    I think why they mention what T.O. is wearing during practice is because...Andy Reid would not let T.O. wear spandex tights in Philly. It was not in the "dress code" unless he wore shorts also...something about it was not appropriate...

    Apparantly T.O. learned to wear spandex tights from Jerry Rice, because it helps keep his muscles in place tighter and also keeps his leg muscles warm when he's not as active in practice.

    In fact, IIRC...Andy even fined T.O. some money for wearing them during his first few practices...and that is where the challenge of "14 touchdowns" came from when T.O. told Fat Andy if he scored "14 touchdowns", would Fat Andy wear spandex tights?

    Luckly, Roy Williams took T.O. out, so the world would not have to see Fat Andy wearing spandex tights...:eek: , so we can thank Roy Williams for saving us fans from seeing that disgusting sight!!

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    What is Calvin watching?

    He said the running game is still kind of slow. We must have been watching two different practices. The last two practices the running game has been excellent, and Parcells even mentioned that at his press conference.

    Jacques and I might have to tutor Calvin on the fine art of practice watching.

    Posted by Todd Archer http://www.**************/sharedcontent/dws/img/standing/icons/email.gif at 3:45 PM (E-mail this entry) | Comments (0)

    Running game

    After talking to Todd Archer, I've been a little harsh on the running game. I will take another look at it in the afternoon practice and give you another report in the evening.

    But I do like the way Julius Jones is running through the holes despite the different combinations Bill Parcells has used with the offensive line in the first few days of practice.

    Posted by Calvin Watkins http://www.**************/sharedcontent/dws/img/standing/icons/email.gif at 3:52 PM (E-mail this entry) | Comments (0)
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    I think Julius Jones worked on his lower body strength this offseason, remember last year he worked on the upper body, lets see if he can finally put it all together.
  15. junk

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    Don't hurt yourself patting yourself on the back. It's awfully early to be getting smug.
  16. MichaelWinicki

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    I was just trying to flush you out there Junk. ;)

    I agree. I don't put much stock in what happens over 5 crummy practices.
  17. Cbz40

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    No worry.....Michael has one of those new fangled laytex he's double jointed. :D
  18. MichaelWinicki

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    Hey, we're all half-arsed talent evaluators on this board... :)
  19. Cbz40

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    I can truly say I have always enjoyed your evaluations Michael.....esp. your evaluation of Bledsoe. :lmao:
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    We still don't care what he's wearing. I don't care about the reasons he wears tights either. His attire, and the attire of everyone on the team, in practice or otherwise is completely irrelevant to me.

    Yeah like freakin' sports writers are qualified enough to watch practice and understand what's going on.

    Half the people at this site know more about football then every single sports writer in Dallas, and that was me giving a safe number.

    Something tells me calvin probably saw something those other morons didn't see and HE is the one that actually knows more of what he's talking about.

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