DMN Camp Blog: Mosley, Archer, Watkins Practice Observations

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    The Mosley Reports starts in 3...2...1

    • Terence Newman may be the only player who truly seems to enjoy training camp. In addition to having a strong camp, Newman has found time to laugh with coaches, teammates and reporters.

    My wife informs me that Newman burst into an Al Green song the other night in an interview with our local Fox affiliate's Mike "Best Hair in the Game" Doocy the other night.

    Newman ran over and tried to "pants" a member of the officiating crew during this morning's practice. The official was still adjusting his shorts several minutes later.

    • I know, I know. You want some hardcore football. Here ya go: Bill Parcells pretty much lost his patience with Drew Henson this morning. The quarterback experts I've spoken to about Henson say there's a fundamental flaw in his delivery. His elbow is rarely where it's supposed to be, which leads to inaccurate throws.

    One former NFL quarterback told me that if you lined up Tony Romo and Drew Henson next to each other and asked them to make 10-yard throws to a small target, Romo would hit it 9 of 10 times. He said Henson would hit it 7 of 10 times.

    Does that mean Henson can't play in the league? I don't know.

    As long as Parcells is here, Henson's not in the conversation. He needs Parcells to retire after this season or find another team.

    I love the fact that some of you can't get enough Henson talk and others think we should never mention him again. Nothing like talking backup quarterback in Dallas.

    • Parcells is turning up the heat on rookie linebacker Bobby Carpenter, but that's not a bad thing. He's usually talking about how young linebackers can get overwhelmed learning the 3-4 defense.

    He's not saying that about Carpenter.

    Parcells keeps praising the coaching staff at Ohio State, and it's obvious that he has a lot of respect for Carpenter's father, Rob.

    Many of you have asked why we're not talking more about Carpenter. Well, you may want to take that as a good sign. Parcells usually feels the need to chastise his first-round picks in public to keep them humble. Not the case with Carpenter.

    • We didn't see a lot of full-speed scrimmaging this morning, but LB Ryan Fowler did make a nice play on a run blitz against RB Julius Jones. As you may recall, Fowler, a former Duke player, is a strong run-stuffer. Scott Shanle is better in coverage. Both players should provide good depth. Fowler had an awful start in camp last year, but a speech/rear-chewing from his wife jolted him into action.

    • Cornerback Jacques Reeves made a nice play to knock the ball away from tight end Ryan Hannam during a red zone drill.

    • Mike Vanderjagt pushed a 30-yard field goal wide right during a drill in which the entire unit had to race onto the field at the last second. Center/guard Matt Tarullo got an earful from Parcells during the same drill for moving his arms around before the play.

    • Tony Romo threw a rope to Patrick Crayton on a crossing route during a goal-line drill.

    • Free-agent rookie WR Sam Hurd showed great concentration in hauling in a deflected pass. As I mentioned earlier, Hurd and Terrell Owens are becoming fast friends. Owens fast-twitch left hammy continues to heal. So far, Parcells isn't biting on the "Does it concern you?" questions.

    • Another free-agent rookie, WR Miles Austin, showed nice body control in drawing a pass interference from CB Lenny Williams during team drills.

    • Couple of under-the-radar names for you: Safety Abram Elam of Kent State has caught Parcells' eye. Elam seem to always be in the right place early in camp.

    Inside linebackers coach Vincent Brown told me free-agent rookie LB Oliver Hoyte (N.C. State) is having a nice camp. He's a big guy (6-3, 250) who moves well.

    • Head trainer Jim Maurer, one of the absolute nicest guys in the business, led a high-energy Junior Dallas Cowboys Camp this afternoon. Maurer spent about an hour teaching kids how to properly hydrate.

    He also led a groundbreaking session titled "How to hide your injuries from reporters."

    Maurer honed his trade under the watchful eye of longtime SMU trainer Cash Birdwell, who recently retired. It's too bad we're not allowed to talk to the trainers around here. Maurer, Britt Brown and Greg Gaither are among the best in the business.

    Posted by Matt Mosley [​IMG] at 5:11 PM (E-mail this entry)

    In this shot by DMN photog Irwin Thompson, rookie offensive lineman Pat McQuistan sports a new twist to his odd 'do at Friday's practice.

    Posted by John Banks [​IMG] at 5:07 PM (E-mail this entry) | Comments (0)

    Positive news on the OL front...

    Parcells has identified two players who he's pleased with on the offensive line. The problem is he wouldn't tell me who they were.

    The two names that we bounced off him, offensive tackle Marc Colombo and center Andre Gurode, drew a slight nod during the daily walk-off, so that's who we're going with.

    You get the feeling he's still waiting to see something from Flozell Adams. He did say that backup guards Stephen Peterman and Cory Procter are about even right now.

    Parcells said Peterman got a lot stronger in the off-season and can be an effective run blocker. The problem is that he really struggles in pass protection.

    Procter had some momentum heading into camp, but he's faded the past couple of days.

    Some radio guy is absolutely whipping poor referee Tony Corrente to death right now.

    Asking bizarre Micky Hatcher questions.

    Here was his first question: "Why is baseball great?"

    Why in the name of Red Cashion is Corrente having to answer this mess?

    Back in a moment with the most comprehensive practice report ever assembled. And thanks for the e-mails about other sites that are ripping us off.

    We take it as a compliment. But we're also planning several lawsuits.
    all my love and adoration,

    Posted by Matt Mosley [​IMG] at 2:31 PM (E-mail this entry) | Comments (0)

    Friday's morning practice observations

    • Just as Drew Henson appeared to be getting in gear, he took a step back Friday. He missed two easy throws to tight ends and Parcells got on him. In his news conference, Parcells said Henson must play better.

    • In Marcus Spears' absence, Jay Ratliff has worked with the first team the past few days. Ratliff came on last year before a bad ankle injury. He's also working inside in the nickel defense.

    • With Stephen Peterman missing time with an ankle injury, backup center Matt Tarullo is taking turns at guard. Tarullo was on the receiving end of Parcells' barbs during the mayday field goal drill when he didn't get set.

    • Not sure if the pace of play at nearby River Ridge golf course was an issue. The marshals spent the morning watching the Cowboys practice.

    • Safety Roy Williams came up with a hit on Jason Witten that would have been worse if the action were live. As it were, Witten ended up on the ground.

    • Tony Romo threw a nice check-down touchdown pass to Jamaica Rector, pumping to his right and coming back to Rector in the middle of the field.
    • Unofficially, the quarterbacks were 16 of 42 in the morning practice and only Romo hit 50 percent of his passes.

    • There's concern at wide receiver behind Patrick Crayton. None of the candidates has stepped forward.

    Posted by Todd Archer [​IMG] at 2:00 PM (E-mail this entry) | Comments (0)

    T.O. showing age

    T.O. (left hammy) missed practice this morning and William M. sent an email that said: "Better have some backups for T.O. during the regular season -- he may be starting to show his age." Last week, Bill Parcells said with T.O. and Terry Glenn in their 30s, it's probably time to draft a younger receiver.

    Posted by Calvin Watkins [​IMG] at 1:57 PM (E-mail this entry) | Comments (1)

    Aaron Glenn is Marcus Coleman

    Veteran corner Aaron Glenn had just ended a television interview with Dallas Cowboys television when the reporter said, "thanks Marcus."

    Glenn, who looks nothing like Coleman, another veteran defensive back, said, "Marcus! You better erase the interview we had right now."

    Posted by Calvin Watkins [​IMG] at 1:26 PM (E-mail this entry) | Comments (0)

    Seven minutes until Bill...

    Some quick practice notes: Terrell Owens said he was "day to day" with his sore left hamstring. Owens spent the morning riding an exercise bike and doing resistance training. His relationship with free-agent rookie WR Sam Hurd continued to blossom after practice. ... Cue the music from Brian's Song. ...

    Tight end Sean Ryan dropped a ball from Drew Henson during a goal line drill this morning. He bounced back with a nice grab a couple players later, though. ... Bill Parcells had an animated discussion with rookie LB Bobby Carpenter regarding the role of the back judge. More to come.

    Here comes the emperor!

    Posted by Matt Mosley [​IMG] at 1:22 PM (E-mail this entry) | Comments (1)
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    WTH? All we keep hearing about is Hurd.
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    I don't buy these reports.

    The only reports I believe are the ones Grizz does.
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    nice report...thanks
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    Good reports in there, thanks WG!

    :starspin :eek::
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    Nice Post!
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    I had hoped his pass protection would improve to the point he would be considered a valuable backup. Until that gets better, no way he will be trusted to help keep Bledsoe upright. :mad:
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    I could see us signing a vet WR that doesn't survive the last cut if this doesn't improve. I don't want to trade for one and I don't want Lelie or Porter. Should Glenn or TO miss any real time we would be hurting for a decent WR. Putting one of our many TE's out wide doesn't impress me either.

    It's because of this situation I was opposed to keeping Randal Williams on the roster for so long. He was a special teams player not a WR. I understand the #4 and #5 WR's need to play special teams because roster spots are so valuable. But what is wrong with WR's who can actually play the position?

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