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Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by WoodysGirl, Aug 10, 2006.

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    Evening report from Oxnard, Calif.

    Here are some quick notes on what was a relatively light practice Wednesday evening:

    • CB Lenny Williams continues to make plays on the ball. He's excellent at getting out of cuts and seems to catch anything he touches. The issue with Williams has always been a lack of foot speed. He's worked hard to become better in press coverage. It also helps to watch Anthony Henry, who is excellent at using his long arms to jam receivers at the line of scrimmage. Williams played a lot of zone coverage at Southern.

    • LB Bradie James raced back to knock the ball away from a tight end 25 yards downfield. Parcells talked Wednesday about the possibility of James being a three-down player, but he would prefer not to have that happen.

    • T.O. said he wasn't 100 percent, but was getting close. Asked for a percentage, Owens smiled and said, "81 percent." Several reporters responded with heavy "overlaughter."

    Jerry Jones spoke with Owens for about 10 minutes during practice, but Owens said it was just "Jerry being Jerry."

    Owens is obviously growing tired of all the questions, just like a lot of you guys.

    "I know it comes with the territory," he said. "Anything I do is magnified."

    Asked what Bill has said to him, Owens said, "He's not a doctor...Any questions about my toughness should have been out the window with the Super Bowl."

    Earlier in the day, Parcells refused to rule Owens out for the Seattle game Saturday, but he rarely plays anyone who misses this much practice.

    I'll grant you that this daily Owens watch is completely out of hand. He's an elite player and missing some practices in training camp isn't going to derail his season.

    And the fact that he appeared to be running this afternoon without any problems indicates he's not far from returning. So let's move on to something else.

    • Sort of a funny moment in practice when Roy Williams jokingly accused a fan of stealing a hotel towel. Just caught the end of the friendly banter.

    • TE Tony Curtis is finally showing a little emotion in practice. The stoic player shouted an expletive when Tony Romo overthew him during red zone drills this afternoon. Curtis is one of the players that has caught Parcells' eye. Today he said he was worried about the "information overload" Curtis might be going through.

    • C Al Johnson just stopped by the media tent for a quick visit. He's actually having a nice camp, but he's flying under the radar because of the praise Parcells is heaping on his pet project, Andre Gurode. Johnson is a much more versatile player than Gurode, but the Cowboys are tired of seeing him get knocked off the ball by huge nose tackles. Offensive line coach Tony Sparano is a huge fan of Johnson's, so this battle might not be over.

    • The Sam Hurd Show can be seen at least once a day in Oxnard. I'm serious. The guy hasn't dropped a pass in over a week. As crazy as it seems, he's been the most impressive receiver in camp. He's running with the first team in T.O.'s absence.

    Let's see what he does in Seattle, though, before we get too excited.

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    HURD is really something .....maybe a find like Drew Pearson
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    This is just bad reporting, and an obvious attempt to take things T.O. says and try and raise eyebrows. Why not actuallly write exactly what he said, not just take a piece of it for your benefit.

    Mosley actually says T.O. is obviously growing tired of all the questions, but in fact T.O. said he is fine with it.

    Here is exactly what he said -
    Does the speculation bother you?
    OWENS: Not at all. You're the guys that speculate. So, it's fine for me. I know it comes with the territory. Anything I do is magnified that much more. I'm fine with it.

    Then Mosley just puts in T.O. says "Bill is not a Doctor", nothing else. To the average person this would appear that T.O. is discrediting Parcells.

    When in actuality he said the following -

    What does Bill say?
    OWENS: He's not a doctor. I'm pretty sure he's getting all of his information from the trainers. You'd have to ask Bill about that.
    He knows I'm hurt. Other than getting details, you'd have to talk to him about that.

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