DMN Camp Blog: Mosley on Romo possibly starting in Seattle

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by WoodysGirl, Aug 8, 2006.

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    Romo may start against Seattle...

    Bill Parcells regretted saying it immediately, but he indicated today that backup quarterback Tony Romo had a "50-50" shot at starting in Saturday's preseason game in Seattle.

    Parcells quickly tried to downplay his announcement after fielding several questions, but it appears he's serious about his intention to see more of Romo heading into the season.

    He bristled when asked how this decision could affect starting quarterback Drew Bledsoe's chemistry with his receivers. Terry Glenn will return to practice this afternoon, but Terrell Owens will remain on the sideline and won't play against Seattle.

    Parcells continued to swat away questions about Owens' left hamstring injury, saying he would give T.O. the "benefit of the doubt."

    He said, "the media was waiting for something controversial to happen" and wouldn't be a part of it.

    Much, much more to come on this and other issues....

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    More breaking QB news: Tony speaks

    One of the helpful things that Bill Parcells often does for reporters is say things like, "Don't make that your story today."

    These commands usually follow statements like, "I think there's a chance Tony Romo will start against Seattle this weekend."

    Parcells said something along those lines today, and a group of story-starved reporters pounced. He's already said that Romo will receive a lot more playing time this preseason than in the past, but this is different.

    In the first preseason game, Parcells is thinking about letting his non-starting quarterback work with the first team. Without sounding too snarky (right!), I'm not sure Drew Bledsoe has done anything in this camp to deserve the night off.

    Your offensive line is shaky at best right now and your starting wide receivers have both missed time with injuries. Sounds like a great time to insert Romo.
    I'm thinking about changing my column topic to this subject, so look for that to show up at some point this evening.

    Oh, and Romo just called me from the locker room. I informed him of what Parcells had said, and here's how he responded:

    "This doesn't change anything from my perspective. I just want to be able to compete."

    Asked what this opportunity could mean to him, Romo said, "It's a chance to go against the defense that went to the Super Bowl last year."

    I also asked him whether he viewed this as an open quarterback competition between himself and Bledsoe.

    "I don't know quite how to answer that," he said. "You always come into camp with that mindset. That's how you have to be."

    Stay tuned for more.

    Posted by Matt Mosley http://www.**************/sharedcontent/dws/img/standing/icons/email.gif at 2:31 PM (E-mail this entry) | Comments (3)

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    At the risk of opening up a can of worms, what kind of delivery would ya say Romo has on the photo above?
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    I have no problem at all w.Romo starting the game against Seattle....I hope it happens.
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    I do too. Especially since the OL looks like wet tissue paper.
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    I think it's a good move to rest Bledsoe and see what this O-line is going to look like. Let Romo take the un-necessary hits in the pre-season and work out the kinks in the O-line with the back-up.

    I want Bledsoe 100% healthy and ready to kick Butt on Sept. 10!

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    Myself, I would much rather see Romo get this type of time instead of evenly splitting snaps with Henson. I think if your trying to figure out what you really have in a QB you need to give him the reps to improve. I would say the same thing if it where Henson getting the extra reps. I think Henson needs to keep working hard and be ready if things do not work out with Romo.

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    It sure makes watching the game that much more interesting, plus it could mean more time for henson also.
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    Actually, it does sound like a perfect time to insert Romo.

    Bledsoe certainly doesn't need time to develop chemistry with Glenn, he's been throwing to him for years. TO wil probably be out anyway. If the line is shaky, I'd certainly rather have my backup QB facing the first defense of Seattle if there are going to be unnecessary hits. And most importantly Bledsoe is a 14 year vet, I highly doubt missing a few series in the first preseason game of camp is going to make him forget how to play football.

    If we're going to evaluate Tony, do it against a front line defense with the first team starters, especially for the first game while Bledsoe still has 4 more weeks to shake any rust off.
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    this is good news:starspin
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    Mosely griped all offseason that Parcells should have played Romo in the chaos of the Washington blowout as Torrin Tucker was making Phillip Daniel look like the second coming of Deacon Jones ... as if those were ideal circumstances. Now he doesn't think Romo should play with the 1st team offense in a preseason game because things look a little shakey.

    I wish Mosely would tell his readers and Parcells the exact perfect time it would be to play Romo. He seems to be privy to an answer that no one else knows.
  11. CrazyCowboy

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    It will be good to see what Romo can do....he does have a live arm!
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    You forgot to post a lot of these...

    :bow: :cool:

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    Babe Laufenburg is the head of a major media outlet in Dallas (I'm sure most of you already new this) and he had a great interview on the John Thompson show this afternoon for the D.C. area (Rick "Doc" Walker is a co host). One of his many interesting points was his belief that Romo could compete for the starting job this year. He continued to reiterate that "you guys are gonna know this kids name" by preseasons end. I'm really looking forward to seeing what this kid has.
  14. ravidubey

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    Anything to sound like an insider.

    BP's bringing along Romo exactly the right way. When the year comes that Romo is ready to start, he'll have to beat Bledsoe straight up, and then Bledsoe will either retire or start for some other team in need of a starter.

    To start Romo would be unfair to the rest of the team which many believe has a chance to contend this year.
  15. silver

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    this is what the story-starved reporters want (need): a good 'ol fashioned qb controversy.

    THEHEREAFTER Well-Known Member

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    His overall tone was that Bledsoe was the guy. I think he just wanted to let the D.C. media know that we actually are developing a guy that could be something. He was presented with questions about the Cowboys QB situation.
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    If Romo has a live and accurate arm and does well in making his reads...he may actually be a better option for us than Bledsoe because Romo, from what I've read and heard, is better at avoiding the rush and is more mobile.
    The question is...would BP make that dramatic of a move if it was clear that Romo was undoubtedly the better option?
  18. Cbz40

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    Starting Romo in my opinion would have to viewed as to exactly what it is.....a simple evaluation of the kid against 1st team starters nothing more nothing less.

    It is in the teams best interest to see if Mr Romo can be viewed as a 1st rate backup if Bledsoe goes down. If we are to contend it is imperative we have some idea as to what the kid can do if needed.

    When was the last time we went all out on O in our first Pre-season game anyway?

    I wish he could be throwing to TO & Glenn.....
  19. Juke99

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    I think Romo might be starting because they HAVE to make a decision about him. Henson is signed for a while.

    Perhaps they are thinking they'll give Romo alot of work, if he doesn't cut it, they'll bring in a vet

    It really is time for the team to see what they have in him.
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