News: DMN: Chat replay: A talk with SportsDay columnist Rick Gosselin

Discussion in 'News Zone' started by NewsBot, Apr 7, 2014.

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    Oh him.
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    Probably not... lol
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    He makes good points in this chat....basically the same thing that was talked about on the thread about trading up for Manziel. You don't sacrifice the draft for one guy...we have made the needed moves letting go older high priced guys...we now need to build through the draft.
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    Hat Guy - Top-Notch sports coverage. I've been a fan of yours for years. Simple question: when is Jerry the owner going to fire Jerry the GM?

    Goose - I don't ever see it happening. I could see him turning the post over to his son Stephen if and when the Cowboys win another Super Bowl under Jerry's watch. But not until then. Jerry wants to be at the front of the parade when the Cowboys win their next Super Bowl.

    Winter is coming...

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