News: DMN Chat: Sturm: I didn't like what I saw of possible Cowboys pick Prince Amukamara

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    Published 28 March 2011 11:03 PM

    Bob Sturm, contributor to and co-host of BAD Radio on SportsRadio 1310 The Ticket in Dallas, answered questions about the Cowboys and the upcoming NFL Draft on Tuesday.

    I'm a fan of the Cowboys getting Tyron Smith. But if Jerry sticks to no offensive linemen in the first round, and he truly thinks the Cowboys don't need another corner (which is crazy), where do you think they will go? Maybe JJ Watt?
    JJ Watt keeps coming up when I talk to people around the team. I don't think he is as attractive to me as Cam Jordan is. I also assume that Dareus and Fairley are gone. Watt is a Wisconsin guy that I have watched quite a bit, and I guess I don't like where I think his ceiling might be. I think Jordan can be Richard Seymour, but of course, I am just a media guy who has never done anything more than watch a lot of football.

    Do you think the Cowboys have any needs on the O-Line, and if so, do you have any thoughts as to where they will go to fill them?
    The Cowboys have substantial needs on the offensive line. Colombo needs a replacement immediately. I really liked his game, but all through 2010, he demonstrated that his mind is willing but his body can't do it anymore. There were too many games that he looked overmatched and the Arizona game in Week 16 sealed the deal. Davis and Kosier could both use challenges at both Guard spots but I am not sure if the Cowboys see this as a priority. I would be thrilled to snag a guy like Danny Watkins from Baylor or the Moffitt kid from Wisconsin or Bolling from Georgia at pick #41 to be an instant contributor in the interior as they all look like they could start at guard as rookies. If the Cowboys took a RT in the 1st and a Guard in the 2nd, you would not hear me complain at all.

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    To see the chat: http://cowboysblog.**************/archives/2011/03/bob-sturm-answers-cowboys-draf.html
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    Me either Bob.
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    if only all the sports media knew this about themselves......
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    anyone who thinks OL is not priority #1 is insane.
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    That's exactly what I told myself the last two years straight,,, surely Jerry could not ignore the desperate need again, right? :mad:
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    This and your sig. Both are the way I've been thinkng lately. I actually like Amukamara, but I think I'd be more happy with Tyron.
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    In the famous words of the late great Michael Jackson... "You are not alone..."

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