News: DMN: Cowboys cheerleaders second-best? Dallas squad doesn't top CNBC's list

Discussion in 'News Zone' started by Risen Star, Jan 20, 2012.

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    Just because the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders are arguably the most famous group in the NFL, that doesn’t mean they are the best.

    CNBC’s Darren Rovell recently ranked the top cheerleading squads, taking in consideration everything from presentation of the cheerleaders online, to fan interaction, community outreach and overall success of the cheerleading teams.

    And when he listed his 10-best, the Cowboys weren’t in the top spot.

    No, that honor went to the group that cheers on the New England Patriots. While Rovell was impressed by the 16 years of photos on the Patriots’ Web page, nothing else seemed to declare why this group that cheers mostly in cold weather would be ranked ahead of the Cowboys Cheerleaders.

    Here is the complete top ten.

    1. New England Patriots

    2. Dallas Cowboys

    3. Miami Dolphins

    4. Houston Texans

    5. Denver Broncos

    6. Philadelphia Eagles

    7. New York Jets

    8. New Orleans Saints

    9. Oakland Raiders

    10. Atlanta Falcons

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    just another guy trying to say something different for no real reason at all. Nothing to see here.
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    Cheerleaders should be judged by one characteristic alone. Well, in three particular areas.

    Anything more about this "community outreach" bull crap and what not is just someone trying to find a way to make the DCC not #1.
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    Ok just my prospective who freaking cares they all have some hot eye candy. That is what they are I a not looking to date one, marry one or anything else. They are there to look at and guess what all guys have different taste in women and looks.

    This list is article someone comes up with when they have nothing else to turn in by a deadline.
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    yet in every online story of this i saw guess which cheerleaders were shown ?
    yep the DCC.
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    New England has cheerleaders?

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