DMN: Cowboys coach Jason Garrett dishes on free-agent acquisitions, changes on defense and new play

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by jobberone, Apr 13, 2014.

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    Theres no doubt that Marinelli can make chicken salad out of you know what, but there are still serious problems on the DL. The Cowboys also had the worst defense in team history last year. They haven't done enough thus far to improve the personnel IMO.
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  2. Doomsday101

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    I think Dallas will add through the draft and I think FA moves will take place after the draft. I would also add health will play a role. Dallas was banged up at all levels DL, LB and secondary which did not help. I did not come into this off season thinking Dallas would be a big player in FA I felt it would be a season in which big contracts would be unloaded. I also think Mincy and McClain while not stars are better players than street FA we were forced to grab last season.

    While I do not expect to have a top defense I do expect an improved defense and one that will continue to force turnovers. As bad as defense was last year the one thing they did do well was cause turnovers.
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  3. big dog cowboy

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    We know there will be 4 new faces plus any other FA signings in addition to draft picks. We are getting there.
  4. ShiningStar

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    fair enough
  5. ConstantReboot

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    If there was one thing that Garrett should not interfere with is with Marinelli coaching the defense. I still think that our Dline needs work and I'm not satisfied with what we brought in. They are putting too much on Marinelli to work miracles. I'd be disappointed if we went oline and use our 2nd on a TE. We were the worst D last year and we lost Ware and Hatcher. How much more does it take to make it even more obvious that we need to draft Dline with our top picks?
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  6. jobberone

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    I'd be shocked if we don't draft a couple of DL. Depends on who is there when we pick and if any trades occur yada. You shouldn't pass on a superior player to pick a much lower ranked need pick. This team has so many needs its hard for me to see us not having a player to pick we like when our number comes around.
  7. Doomsday101

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    I think Garrett will let Marinelli do his job but he is HC of the entire team and in the end it will all fall on Garrett's shoulders. Being involved with all aspect of the team is kind of the HC's job.
  8. casmith07

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    The draft is still ahead, and we all know that this is not a one-offseason fix. It's going to be like the offensive line. They'll perform this year on the DL but will be shaky, is my guess. We won't see marked improvement until the 2015 season, similar to our offensive line's progression.
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  9. Typhus

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    So you are counting on Melton being more of an enormous FB > 3 tech DL? if thats the case than we failed miserably with this signing,,, maybe not? I personally never was in favor of the Melton signing, but I will gladly welcome any potential 3 tech that can possibly help that position, but I find it rather depressing that some fans are already trying to find a way to make him fit at other positions.
  10. OhSnap

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    I really didn't know squat about him before this off season and his 5 year stats are under whelming but I can buy into the potential of him at DT and it looks like a good contract for this year. His 40 speed jumped out at me from the start before I found out he played RB in HS and college so it could be some good football to see him carry the ball once in a while.
  11. Beast_from_East

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    Agreed...............we should draft defense early and often...............with that being said, watch us take a WR at 16.............LOL
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  12. ConstantReboot

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    Well Garrett has to learn how to do his job first. As I recall his still in training on how to be a head coach. However, I do agree with you that a head coach should be involved in all aspects of the team. I just don't agree that Garrett should be making any type of judgement calls in regards to the defense.
  13. ConstantReboot

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    I might check into a psych ward if we don't draft DL early and often. This is a deep draft in regards to drafting a Dline. So there is no reason for us to take our most important need on the 2nd day of the draft.

    This team does need a lot of help and its all because of missteps of past drafts and bad signings. The best thing is to make this an exceptional draft. You start by focusing on quality not quantity. Focus on the trenches rather than splashy picks. Lastly, focus on who can help us now rather than who can help us in 3-4 years down the line. Escobar comes into mind regarding that type of pick. Should have gone with another o line such as a guard. If we would have stuck to that type of philosophy our oline would be set TODAY.
  14. Doomsday101

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    I think all players are accoutable to himas HC be those player offense, defense, special team or practice squade. He does not need to be involved with the X's and O's Jimmy never was . As far as people view that he should or shouldn't be HC the reality is he is HC at least for this season.
  15. jobberone

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    We just have a different philosophy. We may do better drafting dl on the second day. It is a mistake to go into a draft with one position day one. I don't think any cl7b operates that way.
  16. ConstantReboot

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    My philosophy is this and you may disagree with me but thats cool:

    1. Quality over quantity. I would trade a few 7th rounders for a 4th or 5th.

    2. Focus on the trenches more than skill positions. I would rather pick an Oline or Dline over skill position like a runningback or WR. with our hiigh picks. Good runningbacks or WRs can be had in the later rounds. I think NE uses this philosophy and so do the Niners. Unless their a superstar like Dez at WR my focus would be the trenches each and every draft with either our 1st or 2nd. Its the trenches that win games and I think Dallas is starting to realize this.

    3. Pick players that can contribute right now with our high picks. Frederick was a good pick because he started right away. Escobar IMO was a wasted pick in the 2nd round. . If he was selected at the 4th or 5th round than I would have been fine with that. But not a 2nd rounder because he wasn't drafted to start right away and it wasn't an area of need IMO.

    4. Defense over offense. Enough said.

    5. Big school backups rather than small school stars that end up as projects. Enough said. Please no more Matt Johnson and other no name safeties from small schools.

    Thats my philosophy on drafting and its quite simple. I think your right when you say that no club operates this way. IMO I think some of them should. or use some of it. But what do I know because i'm only an arm chair QB.

    But if Dallas implemented some of this philosophy to their drafting maybe we wouldn't be in this predicament would you say?
  17. Wolfpack

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    I like your thinking, it is full of logic and practical usage. Contrast that to the current Dallas FO process:

    1. Splash Factor: What player can be drafted to provide more interest for fans and media?
    2. Drinks: How much drinks the FO has before noon sets the tone for the day. Drinking after midnight may also affect the next days drafting scheme as well.
    3. Pizza: Which player will help with strategic partnerships that allow more advertising dollars? See also #1.
    4. Roll the Dice: In order to look smarter than the other 31 NFL GM's, lets draft high risk projects, small school guys and the injury prone guys no one else wants, just in case they pan out.
    5. Tight Ends: Cheerleaders are important and so are the Miller Light pole dancers. We like those so draft as many as possible and try to use a 2nd rounder to get a good one.
    6. BBQ: In order to mitigate the drinking from last night (see #2 above) order lots of BBQ. Drafting players from good BBQ states also makes sense.
    7. Baseball isn't for everyone: Drafting quarterbacks who happen to like baseball more than football always turns out well. As a bonus, if it works, we look really smart. See #4 above.
    8. Scouts: We pay these guys to go find players so listen to which one gets the most excited or loudest when it is his turn to groupspeak. Bonus if they use curse words.
    9. Drinking Buddies: We like to drink early and often. (see #2 above). Lets draft players who our drinking buddies like and knock down a cold one while they tell us why.
    10. When in Rome: We like to look important so when the camera is on in the War room, make trades and talk in the phone even if they hang up. Trading up or down doesn't matter as much as the high fives when you do. Bonus if you are also hiding a Jack and Coke in your coffee cup.
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  18. jobberone

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    I agree with everything you said. Where we seem to differ is I don't believe teams can read tea leaves. Just become you pick early doesn't mean you are guaranteed success. Your odds do increase but you're still on the hook for making good picks. Some teams blow early picks more often than others.

    You rank players based on YOUR observations. You rank your needs which for this team are plentiful although I admit others are more perceptive of reality than others.

    You rent players for four years. Which means unless you hang on to your base then every year you are selecting up to roughly 1/4th of your roster minus resigned players. So you are constantly reloading. You can't JUST draft for need. If a CB is clearly better, in your opinion, than other players surrounding your pick you have tough choices to make. Esp if there are more than one guy at one position that sticks out to you.

    You can make an argument that we need on defense: S, CB, LB, DL. Well that's all the positions, simplified, on defense. You can make a case we need an interior OL, WR, and RB. If you throw T and backup C in there then other than QB and TE that's the offense.

    So they should pick the BPA at a position of need that is clearly better than the other players in that tier. if you can't tell the players in a tier apart without a program then you pick based on need. So in your case you can see the need to draft a DL esp a 3 and a rush DE high along with a CB, and probably a fast cover 3 down LB. If you want to throw a S and LB#2 and CB#2 in the mix ok.
  19. big dog cowboy

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    Good luck finding a team wanting to make that deal.
  20. theSHOW

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    Better depth this season. 2013 had guys that were counted on for major minutes unavailable. Spencer, Bass, Crawford hurt and Jay Ratliff did a big poo poo. 2014 is deeper and hopefully won't follow the last two seasons full of injuries.

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