News: DMN: Cowboys coaching staff giving out "Grab The Bat" awards after wins

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    ByBrandon George / Reporter | Bio

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    IRVING -- Cowboys coach Jason Garrett said he and his coaching staff are giving out three game balls, Atta Boy T-shirts, scout team player of the week awards and Grab The Bat awards after each victory this season.

    Quarterback Tony Romo received a bat after leading the Cowboys to an overtime victory at San Francisco in Week 2 despite playing with a fractured rib and punctured lung. Rookie kicker Dan Bailey was awarded the Grab The Bat honor after making six field goals in the Cowboys' 18-16 victory in Week 3 over Washington. Receiver Laurent Robinson received an Atta Boy T-shirt for his big game against Detroit (seven catches for a career-high 116 yards).

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    From the article...

    "A lot of what our job is as players and coaches is to step into the batter's box and take a swing. If you hit it over 410, put the bat away and then swing it again hard. If you strike out, put the bat away and grab it again and swing hard," Garrett said Wednesday before the team's final practice before taking four consecutive days off for the bye week.

    Holy crap. I just figured out what the problem with this years team is.

    They're playing baseball when everyone else is playing football.
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    I was assuming that the REST of the team got the bats other than the one who played horrible :D :D

    Garrett says, "Here's your bat .. now go get him!"

    :D :D

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    They probably gave him the bat to defend himself.

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