News: DMN: Cowboys game Saturday against Philadelphia could be all or nothing

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    IRVING - By the time the Cowboys face Philadelphia on Saturday afternoon, the NFC East title could be at stake or nothing at all.

    If the Jets beat the Giants in their noon kickoff Saturday, the Cowboys could clinch the NFC East with a win over the Eagles. If the Giants win, it makes the Cowboys-Philadelphia game meaningless in terms of the division title.

    But rest assured the Cowboys have no plans of backing off against the Eagles despite what happens in the Jets-Giants game. Not after the way the Eagles dismantled the Cowboys, 34-7, in their first matchup in late October.

    "You don't forget it," linebacker Bradie James said. "We just didn't play well. As a fan and a competitor these are the games you want to play in and we have things on the line. This is what it's about."

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