DMN: Cowboys' offseason: Cap woes make draft, bargain hunting critical

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by jobberone, Jan 3, 2014.

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    Cowboys' offseason: Cap woes make draft, bargain hunting critical
    Cowboys must fix foundation, can only afford to patch leaks

    Published: 03 January 2014 08:26 PM

    Watch almost any Cowboys game and you find out pretty quickly that they never make it easy for themselves. That also carries over into the off-season.

    Poor drafting in recent years and bloated contracts for aging players has kept the Cowboys from building quality depth. That’s been evident with the Cowboys’ inability to overcome injuries the last two seasons.

    The Cowboys will be handcuffed this off-season while trying to upgrade their roster because they again have to maneuver through salary cap restraints.

    They won’t have much money to work with in free agency, similar to last season when they were only able to add complementary pieces at the right price — like linebacker Justin Durant and safety Brodney Pool.

  2. big dog cowboy

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    I'm glad to read that.
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  3. ShiningStar

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    its time to cut, cut to the bone, you ve tried your best and your best is average, throw caution to the wind and generate chance, at least with chance we have nothing to hold on to and have to ride the wave.
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  4. CowboysYanksLakers

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    I prefer building through the draft...
  5. ShiningStar

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    whos going to make your core, what crop of draft guys do you build around, so far our offensive line guys are good, but do you feel as confident on the defensive side of the ball?
  6. CowboyFan4Eva

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    I prefer rebuilding. And , it's either the coach or romo that has to go. And then, we need to bring in a lot of young guys,,,,,,draft a few QBs, or sign some promising backups off free agency.....

    Romo can't get us there with this core team. That "core" leadership is done. Garrett, romo, ware, Carr, witten, the coaches..a few others. It's nit happening. We need "drastic" changes in leadership....and frsh young hungry rebuild an identity,.

    But, i expect the same thing next year or even worse. Why? Jerry Jones.....
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  7. DandyDon1722

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    You mean "done" like Caughlin, Eli, Strayhan, etc were when they were about to blow it up? And why are you so sure the "new" core will win - you mean like the year after year new core in Washington or Cleveland or Buffalo or Jacksonville or Minnesota or Oakland or St Louis? You mean like that?

    As long as you have a QB you have a chance - but if you don't doesn't matter what the "core" is.
  8. EGG

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    It's pointless to even ponder any pipe dreams involving Jerry making some miraculous transformation as GM that will put this team into contention anytime soon. The pooch has already been screwed for thee next few years and the best path forward is to draft well and dont make any more poor cap decisions, after a few more crap seasons things might turn around.
  9. jobberone

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    I agree with the former but I think you have to have enough players on the team to compete.
  10. burmafrd

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    where are all the cap experts that have been claiming we have plenty of space and can do what we want? I mean hardly a day goes by without someone here who obviously is immensely more qualified in cap experience then anyone in the media or elsewhere that have been saying again and again we are tight and have little to spend.
  11. CowboyFan4Eva

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    No, I'm not sure that a new group of guys will win......

    But, I'm pretty sure what were going to see next year.........right? You are too......

    This game is decided by the decisions and assumptions and predictions, and a lot of luck, that are made by leadership...not only during the draft , but on the field adjustments, etc etc. It requires instinct. To make judgements about people.

    This cowboys team. Needs a Strong head coach. Or we will see the same. And i think everyone sort of feels that way, We are sort of becoming numb to it.......u know: but hey, It Is entertaining......:) Now, let's watch these other teams in the playoff race, again, this year.
  12. xwalker

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    They can sign top free agents if they choose to do it. There is nothing about the 2014 salary cap that would prevent them from signing 2 top free agents.

    They can get under the cap by restructuring Romo, Carr, Witten, and Lee.

    They free up 7.5M by cutting Ware or a similar amount by restructuring his contract. Carr's 50M contract had a 1st year cap hit of 3.2M That equates to two 50M free agents for (3.2M x 2 = 6.4M) which is less than the 7.5M from cutting or restructuring Ware. They free up 5.5M more by making Austin a June 1st cut.

    It might or might not be a good idea for future years, but there in nothing about the 2014 cap to prevent it.

    They could be without any dead-money on the 2015 cap if they cut Ware and Austin immediately (pre June 1st). All of the dead-money from Ratliff and others will be gone before 2015. That wold be the 1st time in a long time, definitely the first time since Garrett has been the HC that they would be without dead-money on the cap.
  13. davey999

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    Problem is this team isn't good at drafting.
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  14. Toruk_Makto

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  15. VThokie7

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    Which makes the myth Garrett is some wunderkind in the warroom that much funnier.
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  16. jnday

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    One thing is for sure, the current core and team can't get it done. To expect anything different would he fooling yourself. They should start rebuilding with a young, talented core and do everything possible to change the country club culture. The rebuild should have started before they signed Romo to the fat contract. Currently, Romo and the rest of the core is in a state of decline. Hanging on to them and putting all hopes in them is just delaying the needed rebuilding that should be taking place.
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  17. SDCowboy85

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    Releasing Ware and Miles continues to be a no-brainer.
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  18. Corso

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    I'm certainly not disagreeing with you, but I wonder:

    What do you honestly think the odds are that Jerry Jones cuts Demarcus Ware?

    What do you think the odds are that Jerry gets him to take a decent paycut that helps the team?

    What do you think the odds are it all just ends up being a restructure?
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  19. jobberone

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    Sooner or later the loan due date arrives. I won't make a snarky economic remark as it would spin out of control.
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  20. SDCowboy85

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    High... :(
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