News: DMN: Cowboys RB Felix Jones More Involved In the Offense This Time

Discussion in 'News Zone' started by 28 Joker, Dec 6, 2011.

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    "Jones finished the game with six carries for 36 yards, only two yards fewer than rookie starter DeMarco Murray, who had 12 carries".


    Brandon George (DMN) is the only media person who I've seen point out a very interesting observation (from the Aizona game) that is pretty much being ignored by the Dallas and national media.

    George put it in the headline, and I'll do it right here. Frankly, it should be in the headlines.

    Murray 12-38 (3.16 YPC)

    Jones 6-36 (6.0 YPC)

    Question for Jason Garrett: (for his press conference)

    Felix Jones averaged 6.0 YPC in the football game and ony rushed 6 times in the game. Jones' lone carry in the second half and last carry of the game (an 11 yard run on 3rd and 1) almost broke big. Jones rushed 16-77 (4.8 YPC) last year at Arizona. Felix had a 69 yard kickoff return when he got loose. The Cardinals seem to have problems with Jones' speed and quickness. Jones was hot. Why not feed him the football and make the Cardinals prove that they can stop him? Couldn't have Jones taken some pressure off your quarterback and offensive line?

    That is a fair question, and I like Garrett.

    I'll give Brandon George credit for pointing out a very big hidden story from that football game (imo), a story that no one seems to want to acknowledge. Felix Jones looked really good running the football in that game while DeMarco Murray struggled.
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    George didn't put it in his headline, but it was in his blog. At least, he reported it.

    Many questioned why Murray didn't get 1 more carry, at the end of the game, in order to make the field goal shorter.

    Jones was the running back averaging 6.0 YPC.
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    while i was watching the game, i kept wondering when they were going to get the ball to felix more. arizona's run defense was stout, but felix looked like he was close to busting a big play almost every time he touched the ball.
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    this. It seems like during these game situations garrett always fumble.

    I guess he will get better with age (experience).
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    Tell the truth, 41gy#: you're Felix's father, aren't you? Not that you haven't made some valid points (you certainly have, and not just in this thread), but it seems virtually all of your posts are pimping the guy.
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    While I still believe Murray should be the "lead dog", I think that the carries should 60-40 Murray (based on HOPEFULLY 30 carries a game).

    Murray - 18 carries
    Jones - 12 (because, when he's fresh, he's always gonna be a "homerun" hitter)

    IF these 2 are combining for 30 carries a game, this time will be awesome (ESPECIALLY with the play-action pass that the "AirCoryell" offense needs to be at it's most successful). But, will Garrett stick with it?
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    We don't run the ball enough consistently for either or these guys to be as effective as they are. That better change vs the Giants.
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    Agreed. I wonder what the team's record over the last 5 years is when they run it 30 or more times.............................
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    Arz was running a ton of run blitez in the game when this happens and you have 8 and 9 coming down in the box that is when you attack. Fact is Dallas had 4 deep balls thrown and Peterson for Arz did a great job of defending 3 of those the other was thrown opposite side and defended well.

    I was upset that our WR were not able to get themself open down field but as far as the stratagy of attacking a stacked line I expect us to do that any time a team is willing to do it and it is the WR and Romo job to make them pay for it. We didn't

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