News: DMN: Cowboys still mourn Jerry Brown, whose mom champions courage, forgiveness

Discussion in 'News Zone' started by NewsBot, Dec 7, 2013.

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    This woman is truly remarkable...


    And just to add, I thought the reporter, Brandon George did an awesome job writing this story. Kudos to him.
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    What a wonderful person.
    I admit- I teared up reading that.

    Forgiveness is a truly an amazing thing.
    I need to go call my mama...
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    Nice story. Though, I have to say, this kind of thing bugs me:

    It's not the club's responsibility to determine whether or not every patron is responsible about getting a ride home after drinking. Especially in a situation where other members of the same team arranged for drivers, and the league offers the chauffeur service for a reason. I'm sorry, but if you drink and drive, and if you get in the car with a drinking driver, it's your own poor judgement. It's not the club's job to find out whether or not you intend to break the law on the way home when there are other options available.
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    Isnt she suing everyone she can?

    The whole situation is unfortunate. RIP.

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