News: DMN: Cowlishaw: Clock isn't yet ticking on Romo's time in Dallas, but it's plugged in

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    SportsDay columnist Tim Cowlishaw answered reader questions during a live chat on Monday. Here are some highlights:

    When do you see JJ drafting a QB to groom so when Romo retires Dallas is set?
    Tim Cowlishaw: Well, Dallas won't be "set" just because they draft a backup. The process can work that way but rarely does. They can draft one any time. Romo is, I believe, 32 in May? The clock isn't ticking's plugged in?

    If Alex Smith signs with Miami, does that suddenly make Kyle Orton an attractive commodity to the 49ers and maybe make them overpay Dallas to trade Orton to them?
    Tim Cowlishaw: I think the 49ers will keep Alex Smith. I think he will get over his anger for the team's pursuit of Manning when he thinks about being a play away from the Super Bowl in San Fran or joining possibly the worst team in the AFC East, one that just sent its best receiver to Chicago.

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    Does Collie-shaw really think it's a simple as that? Maybe he doesn't understand such things as pride and respect.
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    Orton is the best backup QB Dallas has had in many years. Our season is no longer over once Romo goes down. I don't think you trade that away.

    To get a young franchise QB you need to draft in top 5. Dallas could trade up to get one but probably not while they have as many problem areas to address.

    And I would laugh at the 40 whiners if they lose Alex Smith during this off season (and go into season without a quality QB).
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    Cowlishaw's strengths have never included wisdom and age gained perspectives...he will observe a boulder blown into small pebbles and conclude that the pebble was all important in that view.

    This is a very on the line year for Tony Romo. He has to lead the changed group on the offensive side, by their dedications to himself. This time, the storyline is ALL upon Rony and his shoulders.

    This group has to sense commitment to a team good, and sacrifice all to protect him...or it just doesn't work for Dallas.
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    I like spam.

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