News: DMN: Cowlishaw: Is it time for Jerry Jones to point the finger at himself?

Discussion in 'News Zone' started by BrAinPaiNt, Nov 8, 2010.

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    Tim Cowlishaw

    IRVING – The Cowboys' master salesman and eternal optimist was off his game Monday afternoon. Jerry Jones, for once, looked like he wanted to be anywhere but in front of cameras and notepads.

    Jones made his seventh head coaching change in 21 years as owner of the Cowboys, announcing a move that was anything but unexpected. Fans and the media had been asking for weeks what was keeping him from firing Wade Phillips, whose defense had become woefully inept, and replacing him with coordinator Jason Garrett ... whose offense wasn't playing that much better, to be honest, but it was the only choice Jones had.

    That's why he stalled, hoping for a miracle. That's why Jones, in his own words, remained "in denial" until Sunday's nationally televised 45-7 loss in Green Bay hammered home the obvious.

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    Yes Jones is the common denominator in the team not being good for so long.
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    Jerry Jones is the common factor...
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    Jerry won't give up his GM duties. He just loves being identified as the President, head huncho & GM. The only way he might change if the Cowboys go 1-15 this year.
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    this topic has been discussed ad nauseaum here and in every forum cowboys related. soon we'll see the jerry apologists and jerry bashers go at it once again. can't argue with the failed results. jerry the gm should've been fired together with Barry Switzer after the '97 season. That's when the core of the Jimmy era's players eroded. we've had to endure the gailey fiasco, the campo losing tenure, the joey galloway blunder, and now the wade cathastrophe. the only saving grace he has is the hiring of bill parcells. other than that he's a failure as gm.
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    Jerry Jones is the greatest owner in the NFL.

    Thank *** we have Jerry Jones as an owner.

    How could we have won 3 Super Bowls without Jerry Jones owning the franchise?

    Jerry Jones will do anything to win.
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    [I don't have a problem with Jerry Jones the owner. It's Jerry Jones the GM who stinks. When is Jerry going to put what's best for the Cowboys in front of his own ego?

    I've read/heard that Jerry wants to be recognized as one of the best GM's in the game. He needs a dose of reality. We've gone w/o a legit playoff team since winning the SB in 95; it was only last year we finally won a playoff game, but then got blown out by the Vikes.

    Now there's a very real possibility we could end up this season again going 1-15, but we got a heck more talent on this team now then we did back then. Since 96 thru this season, Jerry's guidance at the helm of GM has been a disaster.

    He hires coaches he can control & makes all the decisions -- Switzer, Gailey, Campo, Wade. Only Jimmy & Parcells brought in some quality players & signed a few FAs who helped us. Now we got Garrett. And how much if any control does Garrett really have. Besides, our OL is so bad that we've got no running game & can't protect our QB.

    Yet during the 96-2010 season, we've seen many teams rise & win SBs; some of the GMs of those teams moved on & have become just as successful with their new teams as they were with their old teams.

    I've finally accepted the reality that until Jerry names a new GM pr relinquishes control of the team to a promising GM we aren't going to ever again make it to the SB. In fact I'm not even optimistic we will ever make the playoffs again. Remember those 5-11 teams under Campo. We only added some good players after Parcells came on board. While Parcells made some mistakes, he left a lot of good players behind when he left. But all football teams need a steady infusion of talent & Jerry makes too many mistakes in drafting, etc.

    I wonder if Jerry's ego will ever allow him to understand how much damage he is doing to his own legacy. He's not only made the Cowboys a joke around the country but he's also a big joke.

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