News: DMN: Decisions on 11 starters key to Cowboys' chances in 2011

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    Decisions on 11 starters key to Cowboys' chances in 2011

    10:30 PM CST on Saturday, December 4, 2010

    COLUMN By JEAN-JACQUES TAYLOR / The Dallas Morning News

    Jean-Jacques Taylor
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    INDIANAPOLIS – Jason Garrett is off to a good start, but none of us knows if he'll be the Cowboys coach next season.

    Part of Jerry's decision will be predicated on the Cowboys' performance during the season's final five games, beginning today against Indianapolis.

    Garrett, though, is hardly the only person under scrutiny.

    As we move into the final month of the season, a litany of players are right there with him, as they should be, considering this is among the most disappointing seasons in franchise history.

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    Well, there's no doubt the author is correct in most of his descriptions of the players, but he has to be incorrect in all of those starters being can't replace that many starters in one off-season and expect to be competing for the playoffs.

    First, you have to find their replacements ahead of time.
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    This is why JJT has so many detractors.

    There is over a month left of this season and then a working contract to be signed. Until then the player stuff is just paper filler. JJT is a waste of bandwidth.

    I am sure a handful of these guys will be gone. But the decision doesn't need to be made yet and it won't be made by JJT. In fact the labor agreement may make some of these decisions for Jerry. Others will be made by the draft.

    What we won't do is just start releasing guys so we end up with half a roster.

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