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    Deion Sanders: Michael Irvin was 10-times worse than T.O. so don't worry about Dez Bryant

    Former Dallas Cowboys cornerback Deion Sanders was interviewed on KESN-FM on Tuesday to discuss the Cowboys. Here are some highlights:

    Was the emotion Dez Bryant was showing more T.O.-emotion or more playmaker emotion? To you, what's the difference between the two and which was Dez showing?

    Well, honestly, Mike [Michael Irvin] was 10-times worse than T.O. I mean, I love Mike and Mike was one of the fiercest competitors I've ever played against but Mike wanted the ball early, often, early and often; Mike walked off the field in practice when he didn't get the darn ball thrown his way. So you guys go crazy over T.O...

    It's just competitive emotion but what Dez needs to learn is you only see Dez running one or two routes. He either runs a go or a quick screen and that's it. What's the problem? Does he not know the other routes? Do they not know how to get him the ball in other ways? How many other ball routes have we seen him catch? So, somebody needs to tell me the problem. Does he not know the offense or do we not know how to get him the ball down the field other than a go?

    Read More http://cowboysblog.**************/archives/2010/12/deion-sanders-michael-irvin-wa.html
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    Wow... WR's are divas, nothing new there.
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    And the dude being interviewed invented football 'Diva'.
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    Whats new is I think people absolve Irvin of alot of things. TO is such an easy villian
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    That's what happens when you WIN. People absolve you of alot of things if you win. TO has never won anything so its just too easy for people to point and say "oh he's selfish and a cancer and his teams never win" etc.. and blame him for all of it. Truth is Irvin was just as selfish if not more, and honestly that kind of talent with that kind of attitude usually makes for a damn good player.

    I've never been as critical of TO as most here, and all he's ever wanted is the same as Irvin. He wanted the ball because he knows he'll make a play for you, and he wanted to win. Period. Anywhere he's ever been if he got the ball and/or the team was winning, he wasn't causing trouble.
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    Irvin took A LOT of heat back in the day. He was all over the front pages and TV in a very negative light. He deserved the criticism and so did T.O.
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    Irvin never badmouthed his QB or threw his teammates, coaches under the bus in the press.
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    Plus, TO has never been synonymous with drugs, guns, adultery, womanizing, wife beating, drunk driving, etc. etc. TO is an individual with his own personal quirks. We all have them except the spotlight is not on them.
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    The only thing that anyone can say, for sure, with Irvin that set him apart from TO was that he NEVER yelled at, or called out, his QB and he never threw his coaches or fellow players under the bus.

    Now I'm not a TO hater. I think the guy is a darn good player still (in fact he's even surprising me to some degree with how well he's played this year) and one of the best WR's I've been priveledged to see play.

    But he can, and often has, gotten himself in trouble with his mouth in regards to how he points fingers, assigns blame, and bad mouths teammates, especially QBs.

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