News: DMN: Deion Sanders: 'The formula that worked last year sometimes doesn't work this yr

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    Deion Sanders on Cowboys: 'The formula that worked last year sometimes doesn't work this year'

    [SIZE=-1]09:05 PM CDT on Thursday, September 23, 2010[/SIZE]


    Former Dallas Cowboys cornerback Deion Sanders was interviewed on the radio today about the Cowboys’ loss to the Chicago Bears and their upcoming game against the Houston Texans. Here are some highlights:

    On whether the Cowboys need to give Marion Barber 25 carries a game to win: You can’t say that’s the formula because some games dictate run and pass. Ironically, you’ve got such a disparity between pass and run on this team that you can’t help but highlight the lack thereof. I think Romo’s thrown almost 100 passes in the last two games and that’s a formula for losing. You’re not going to win with your quarterback averaging almost 50 throws a game.

    On whether Jason Garrett is justified in moving away from the running game because the offensive line hasn’t been executing things properly: Well, I don’t think they’re a passing team. I think they’re a team that had a lot of success. The formula that worked last year sometimes doesn’t work this year… What I mean by that is that coordinators have all off season to test you and dissect what they can do to disarm you, and it seems like it’s working. We all thought the Cowboys were going to be the class of the NFC in their division and it turns out they are not. But if you get your butts kicked in Houston you can crack the glass “in case of emergency” because it is an emergency.

    On whether the Cowboys can recover from their 0-2 start: No!It’s early, it’s real early. I could give you the recipe for the San Diego Chargers. It seems like they start off bad every year but the next thing you know Norv [Turner] turns that thing around and they get hot when they need to get hot. You want to pretty much go 3-1 every month, which will give you a 12-4 record at the conclusion of the year. It’s just so happens they’ve dropped two so one of these months coming up you’re going to have to go 4-0 to be back on course.

    Read more from Deion: http://www.**************/sharedcon...092410dnspocowsandersinterview.1226de2a3.html

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