News: DMN: Dez Bryant defends his recent outburst, says on-field emotion is a positive

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    By DAVID MOORE / The Dallas Morning News
    IRVING – Dez Bryant stood for more than 10 minutes and calmly explained why he's not all that calm during games.

    Cameras captured an emotional outburst on the Cowboys sideline in the fourth quarter of the Thanksgiving Day loss to New Orleans. On Wednesday, the rookie wanted to clear up any misconceptions. His passion was not directed at any one individual or the fact he was held without a catch for the first time this season.

    "It was a miscommunication on the play that we had," Bryant said. "That's all it was. It's very frustrating when some folks get it the wrong way or put it out the wrong way without hearing from the guy first.

    "After the first quarter, I already knew how I was being played and knew how I was going to get played throughout the game. Me not touching the ball was not a factor. I knew how they were playing me. There was nothing I could do about it, there was nothing anybody else could do about it except try to get through it."

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