News: DMN: Dez Bryant: I wasn’t happy about spending $55K on dinner, but now, ‘they’re allowing me

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    It doesn't matter. He should be able to do what he wants with his money, not what other people want.

    I really like this quote from Dez:
    “Like I tell a lot of guys in that locker room, [expletive] the talent – confidence and effort, that’s all you really need. You’ve got to believe.”

    If that' not a RKG then I don't know what is.
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  2. phildadon86

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    Technically nothing lol, remember he was being sued for not paying for it
  3. EST_1986

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    The two firsts for Galloway was pretty awful too
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  4. DragonCowboy

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    Why do you care? It's his own money, he can spend it how he likes.

    Having to pay for 8 or so other players who are purposefully driving the check up to monumental levels though just to become "one of the guys" sucks, though.
  5. WoodysGirl

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    Not sure anyone recalls, but the $50k was primarily on a $50k bottle of Ace of Spades...or something along those lines.

    Also, another tidbit is that jerry ended up helping him out with the bill. Anyone remember him talking about this?
  6. Phoenix

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    When the night was over, Bryant had a tab of $54,896.

    Or did he?

    “I’ve had to ask a couple of times, a couple of places out here to rethink, let’s say a liquor bill,” Jones said on KRLD-FM on Tuesday morning. “They’ve taken a rookie out and hung him with a huge liquor bill. I might tell you one of the finest businesses in this town who may have charged one of our rookies too much -- well, a lot of money, they just absolutely took it off the bill and gave it to him. When he had an enormous, for any of our standards, charge, that business gave it to him. It was Pappa Steakhouse, to give you an idea. That’s having compassion. It was overdone, and they just decided we’ll make our contribution to the do-right rule here.”

    No word from Bryant as to whether he did pay for the entire bill, but at that time, several veteran players did help pay for a portion of it.

    However, one player who attended the dinner said in a text message: "nobody paid, but from what I heard, Jerry picked it up."
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  7. SilverStarCowboy

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    55gs...hmm with all his "confidence and effort" they deserve to spend what buys both your cars, feeds, pays electric and daycare an entire year for most hard working middle class losers that follow this franchise....on a meal for his mates.

    LOL and they are the Slaves!
  8. theSHOW

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    Wonder if he is happy about all the jewelry and gold chains he bought at the mall that he did not pay for?
  9. skinsscalper

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    At least Galloway had talent. Williams was an over hyped bum.
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  10. theSHOW

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    It didn't work out with Gallaway but injuries were the bigger reason. Overall a very bad trade. I'll probably never get over the Roy Fiasco when I'm tellin Ol' Cowboys history stories to the baby boys. He just wouldn't shut his trap either. No wonder I now hate his college team more than ever. :D Go Frogs!
  11. adbutcher

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  12. Toruk_Makto

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    Yes you would have. It's called being a rookie.

    Was it excessive? Yes. Did Bryant feel taken advantage of? Yes. Did he sign that receipt? Yes.
  13. xwalker

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    Can you imagine an $800 meal? They had over 50 people, therefore the cost had to be below $1000 per person.
  14. 50cent

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    I think that was just as much of a shot to some of the so called defensive leaders that took part as well as Roy. Some of those leaders could have been say, Ware, Hatcher, Ratliff, etc!!! With all of those guys gone (basically in the same year), it's his lockerroom to be the vocal leader and he said as much. Now they are letting him be the leader he couldn't be with "company man" Ware around. I think both statements were toward Ware some. DeMarcus was one of the outright leaders of the entire team and face of the defense, he could have halted the outrageousness himself even if he wasn't there. He can't call out Tony (Irvin convo), but I'm sure he feels some type of way about Tony for letting it go down that far too. He can forgive Tony, because he's one of the key factors in his new leadership role as well as the future big $ he's about to receive.

    Anyway, both statements seemed to be directed at Ware too IMO!
  15. dstovall5

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    I don't know man, making a rookie pay a 55k food bill is just wrong. You can't say it's "hazing" because that's like an initiation into a group, no way in hell paying 55k for a bill is part of an initiation process. A lot of players are very irresponsible with their money, so I guess it's not considered a big deal. A lot of those guys think they'll be making that money their entire life, and that's why most of them bankrupt just two years after playing.
  16. WoodysGirl

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  17. theSHOW

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    looking back yeah. But I was happy he didn't carry Roy's business. Back to the dinner. Do these guys not know how to say no.

    This is how you say no. "NO." followed by no excuses or conversation if asked or provoked again
  18. RastaRocket

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    At least that holds some resale value. Dinner just goes down the toilet.
  19. Cowboys22

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    There's something missing in the article. He says he is now calling the shots so is he going to stick a rookie with a $50,000 bill or not. If he is, he's nothing but a hypocrit. I would think you could take 15-20 of your teammates to dinner and everyone could have all they wanted and still only spend $3,000-4,000. They just don't have to be an *** and order the $20,000-50,000 bottle.
  20. DallasEast

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    Cha Ching, Rookies. Cha Ching.

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