News: DMN: Dez Bryant speaks out: Cowboys are 'unbeatable,' NFL easier than Big 12

Discussion in 'News Zone' started by WoodysGirl, Oct 21, 2011.

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    Dez Bryant thinks the Cowboys are unbeatable.

    The Cowboys' wide receiver said as much in an episode of Inside the Huddle this week at the House of Blues in Dallas. Bryant appeared with Cowboys running back Tashard Choice.

    When Choice asked Bryant about his goals, he explained that he thought the 2-3 Cowboys couldn't be defeated.

    "I like to keep my personal goals to myself. As far as the team, I like our chances. I feel like, it may sound crazy, I think we are unbeatable. I think the losses, we lost those games ourselves. I feel like once we get back in that meeting room and regroup, and we learn from our mistakes, the sky's the limit."

    Read the rest: http://www.**************/sports/da...oys-are-unbeatable-nfl-easier-than-big-12.ece
  2. Frozen700

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    Bold statements by Dez
  3. BraveHeartFan

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    Very bold. I like the attitude. I really do. I want our guys to believe they're unbeatable.

    I just really wish they wouldn't express it to any form of media where it can later be used against them.
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    Talking is all fine and dandy. But produce Dez. I for one, getting sick and tired of hearing all the excuses for Dez, with all the ability in the world especially. He has lot of growing up to do and not sure if he will grow up with Cowboys at the rate he is going.

    I know, probably overreacting a lot, but every week, its something with Dez.
  5. Primetime42

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    Does anybody really think he's wrong?

    This team is capable of beating anyone. But they screw it up way too much.
  6. ThreeSportStar80

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    You are what you record says you are... Right now the Cowboys are 2-3, hopefully on their way to 3-3 come Sunday.
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    No, we are a better team than 2-3. Yes, the record is 2-3, but we are not a 2-3 team, and I have always said that was a very dumb statement by parcells. He was being a smart a## when he answered that question from the reporter, that was his way on not aswering the same question phrased a different way, but somehow everyone seems to think that is some kind of genius answer, parcells is and was an idiot
  8. Sifillest

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    we outplayed every team we've seen thus far this year....including ourselves.
  9. Mansta54

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    Maaaan, I couldn't agree with you more... And I think we're playing the best football in the div..
  10. cowboys#1

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    he is talking about coverages he has seen vs college

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