News: DMN: Does Wade Phillips need to adopt more of a mean streak?

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    Archer: Does Wade Phillips need to adopt more of a mean streak?
    COLUMN By TODD ARCHER / The Dallas Morning News


    IRVING – The moment was from 1977, Tony Dorsett's rookie year, and the Hall of Fame running back can't remember the player, but he can remember the feeling inside the meeting room as Tom Landry spoke.

    "We're in the meeting room on a Monday, and we're going through the film, and Tom stops the film, and he pretty much calls the player out," Dorsett said.

    "He says, 'Look, I can tolerate this from rookies, I will not tolerate this from a veteran.' That's all that was said and everybody, we knew who he was talking about, but it didn't just fall on the ears of one guy."

    Earlier this season, according to multiple sources, a player's cellphone went off during a team meeting when Wade Phillips was talking about discipline.
    Instead of seizing the moment and making an example of the player, Phillips let it slide.

    Landry had a presence built through years of winning by the time Dorsett was a rookie, but former Cowboys say Landry had it when he took over the franchise in 1960. Jimmy Johnson had a presence when he arrived in 1989, even if it was built in the college game.

    Bill Parcells, who took the New York Giants and New England Patriots to the Super Bowl, had a presence when he came to the Cowboys in 2003...
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    They had presence, Wade has presents.
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    At this point he should be more concerned with retirement plans.
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    Wade shouldn't adopt a mean streak. He should adopt a puppy from Tahiti. He should then go to Tahiti and live with the puppy forever, leaving Dallas and the Cowboys far, far behind.
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    NO he doesn't need a mean streak he needs to either be FIRED or RESIGN
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    Wade is who he is. Can you imagine Santa with a mean streak? It just aint happening.

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