DMN: Ed 'Too Tall' Jones: Cowboys still searching for leadership in locker room

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by jobberone, Feb 4, 2014.

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    Yes it is.

    And we have questioned this vacuum on this team way back when Bledsoe was the QB and pre-Romo.

    So it still is.

    Leadership on the field, winning by example..

    Is lacking.

    Its like each team tries to shake the high standards of the past and play down from expectations.
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    That's such an overused and abused chiche! This team needs more talent, period.
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    The advantage former players have is that they know all the little things about the game, and what being a team is all about that we often miss. And while they are not in the locker room, what they see from the team gives indicators as to whats going on.
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  4. Alexander

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    Ed Jones, who played fifteen years of NFL football, under both Tom Landry and Jimmy Johnson, get out of here.

    He talks in clich├ęs and does not know football.
  5. Alexander

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    I do not believe that if someone was asked to describe Romo and Witten that you would get the descriptive word "Passionate" back as a first response. "Work Ethic". "Dedicated". "Competitive". Sure. Bryant, Lee, Murray they seem to be a little more emotional. Not saying one is necessarily better than the other, but it just seems our greybeard "leaders" are very much the same, in fact, they are best friends.

    Ware admitted after the game he was "angry" but continued to walk right past the play.

    There are times when I look at Romo, Witten and Ware and see great workers. There is no doubt they put in the time and get the "by example" thing down.

    But I can honestly say they behave more like coaches when they are playing on the field than football players, the emotional keys and fire are just not evident and even after games they are saying things just like a coach would. Maybe they have to, I do not know.
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    Good point about Romo and his leadership; I guess I never see it or look for it but he has made some pedestrian receivers look great; actually good enough for us to almost get a 2nd round pick for Austin, and Robinson to get paid by another team. I don't know what we are looking for in a leader on this team; Romo may or may not be it but as much as I get po'd at him he deserves credit for winning more often than not. I feel bad for him honestly because on another team with a halfway decent defense he probably has a couple of rings now; unfortunately for him Jerry has built a team on a foundation of sand and he will not get one here. His situation is ten times worse than Danny White, he at least had the horses around him to give him a legitimate shot whereas Romo doesn't; except for 2007 that is.
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    Your man crush on Romo is shocking. Hatcher reportedly called out Romo too for all of the passes. Again, he doesn't command respect in the locker room. Why would that imply Dez doesn't like him privately. I know irvin has told him to never question him publicly and he's listened. You keep leaving Witten out of the equation, why? You're stuck on the fact that Romo deserves blame for lack of leadership and must come to his defense. You continually call him great, based on 1 playoff victory or gaudy numbers because he's always passing. At this point in his career, he's Danny white reincarnated with better passing numbers.
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    If we were more talented, we'd win more and our "leadership" would miraculously be better.

  9. coult44

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    Apparently you haven't been around many locker rooms, especially in Dallas. Guys like Jones, Smith, Dorsett, Troy, come and go as they please...
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    Leadership is important, but that's not the main problem.
    Players must be willing to be lead, be interested in following an example, and even then, the players still need to have great potential. Leading a young Ed Jones or Randy White or Russell Maryland or Tyron Smith is not the same thing as being a leader for Jeff Heath, Wilber, Church, Wilcox, Duane Goodrich or Julius Jones.

    Some players are what they are, and when you run out inferior players like we have done for a long time, leadership and coaching are not going to make a difference, IMO.
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    Honestly I don't think leadership is the problem any more. It's talent issue. Lee witten and even romo you know they help out in a lot of situations on and off the field.

    Talent is our problem. Our defense the last few years has been absolute garbage. If we can change that to a top 10-8 defense. Our record drastically changes
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    Haha Witten's a beast on the field and a great leader and that's been the case his whole career. Yeah, I guess I left him out because it's so shocking to hear anybody try to badmouth one of the best players in franchise history.

    "Gaudy numbers because he's always passing"... nice try. QB rating, yards per attempt, completion %... those have zero to do with the number of pass attempts. They're based on his effectiveness per pass attempt. Oh, and since he's always passing, he should've had more than 10 INTs last year right? If you want to disregard a 3:1 TD/INT ratio that's your right. Or the fact that just 4 QBs in NFL history have a better passer rating than him.

    Wins and losses are done by teams, not QBs. Just know that if Romo plays 3-4 more years at his normal pace and gets himself a ring, he'll join Witten and Ware as a LOCK for Canton. He's that good. Numbers don't lie. But of course you already know that, Mr. Researcher. ;)

    Oh, and Danny White was before my time, but he was a heck of a QB as well. I wouldn't consider that an insult if I were Romo.

    As for the "commanding respect" issue, you're reaching big-time. Romo's a great leader and has been for years. You know that "C" on his jersey stands for "Captain", right? Troy had his occasional run-ins with teammates too. An assistant coach even accused Troy of being a racist and it was a divisive issue in the locker room. Deion and Troy couldn't stand each other. So by your standard, I guess Troy also didn't "command respect in the locker room", right?
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    Now there is something to this.
  14. jobberone

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    I've commented a few times over the years about the advantage of playing with good players and veteran players. I've always wondered why those comments were ignored (beyond the usual fact only my dog listens to me anyway....but that's besides the point). As a player you learn new things and tricks of the trade just from watching as well as from tutelage. It's true it's not just the coaches but the players who teach my example and directly.

    When your team has enough of these types of players.....who are of course good to better players....the entire team's play is elevated.

    But you must have talented players on the team for this to happen. Once critical mass is obtained then it tends to be self sustaining and the teams' play stays elevated over time. Part of that is from the staff and the players. Smith learns from Ware as much as the coaches.

    There is some emotional uplift from players like Dez as well as the businesslike professional approach of Garrett and Romo. More comes from the intensity of play on the field and on the field generals.

    So there's something to be said about leadership in its many forms.

    Above all else is having talent. Exceptional athletes are much easier to coach. Some so much as to not need so much. It's execution and talent more than scheme that wins but all things add up.
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    This hole leadership thing or lack of is total BS. The problem with this team is lack of talent and depth. ;Last year we had the worst OL in the history of football, 4 days before the opening day our stating center joined the team and it went down hill from there. This year we literally had the worst defense in the history of the leauge and the franhise. What the hell does all that have to do with leadership? Fix that, than we can have a talk about leadeship in the locker room. Jeeez loweez.
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    Well, we didn't have the worst OL in history the year before but it was almost the bottom third just above it. But your point is a good one. It's talent and execution that are the problems and scrubs playing for injured players is not what I'd call talent.
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  17. Alexander

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    So making the players he throws to more productive, that makes him a leader? Sounds more like a good QB to me.
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    Ed Jones has probably never been in the locker room since he quit playing and does not know the players.
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    I don't think you really read what I said, but no that doesn't make him a good leader. I think I personally need to give him more credit for what he does accomplish; as far as leadership it clearly states, " I don't know what we are looking for in a leader on this team".
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    DM you? Bull****. Post your evidence.

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