News: DMN: Even without Jordy Nelson, the Packers have talent at wide receiver; pass rush must

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    Kevin Sherrington, sports columnist for and The Dallas Morning News, answered your questions about the Cowboys, Rangers, Mavericks and local college sports in a live chat recently. Here are some highlights:
    Question: It seems problematic -- the Packers don't have a run game! -- but will their reliance on Rodgers' arm finally catch up to them Sunday?

    Kevin Sherrington: Possible, but I don't think Cowboys can count on it. Rodgers could certainly throw a few picks, and that could prove the difference. Reason they don't need to get in shoot-out. Dak has been very good at avoiding turnovers. Recipe for success: Run the ball, control the clock, force a couple of turnovers.

    Question: Which component of the Cowboys defense must have a good game against the Packers?

    Kevin Sherrington: They're going to have to get to Rodgers without blitzing, because they'll have to use lots of nickel and dime packages just to cover everybody. We saw last week what Rodgers can do. He'll buy lots of time. If you blitz him, he'll just throw slants. This is really going to be tough, but it's time for pass rush to take a step up.

    Question: How big of a difference does the presence of Jordy Nelson make?

    Kevin Sherrington: Guy had 14 TD catches this year in limited time, so you see what kind of talent he is. But he also got hurt fairly early against Giants and they still went wild. Two WRS over 100 yards in catches, and Adams and Cobb caught four TDs between them. So it's not like their offense dies without him.

    Question: Minor accident for Zeke ... nobody hurt, yeah yeah. But can you see it being a distraction Sunday?

    Kevin Sherrington: Only if he was planning on using that truck to get to the game.

    Question: What must be done for this season to be considered a success, is it already one?

    Kevin Sherrington: If you're talking about the Cowboys, you could certainly say this season has been a success. I had them 7-9 after Romo got hurt. And I only had them 10-6 before that. But the winning streak also re-calibrated everyone's expectations. They need to get to the NFC Championship game, at least. If they get to the Super Bowl, it's all gravy, right? The problem with just getting to the Super Bowl is it's never enough once it's over. Ask the Bills of the early '90s.

    Question: Between the Giants and Packers, was Green Bay the tougher matchup for Dallas?

    Kevin Sherrington: The Giants' defense presents a lot of problems for the Cowboys that no one else really has. But they also won those two games by a total of four points. Who really sees the Giants winning three times in one season, with two of those in JerryWorld? As far as I'm concerned, the biggest problem for anyone in football is going up against a great QB playing at his peak. That describes Rodgers more than it does Eli.

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