News: DMN: Fraley: Extra weight Felix Jones added is more of a hindrance than a help

Discussion in 'News Zone' started by Juke99, Dec 4, 2010.

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    Fraley: Extra weight Felix Jones added is more of a hindrance than a help writer Gerry Fraley chatted with fans on Friday and answered questions about the Dallas Cowboys as they prepare to play the Indianapolis Colts. Here are some highlights:

    If Jason Garrett is a good coach why on earth is Alan Ball starting? Can Barry Church do much worse in pass coverage?

    Church is more of a strong-safety type and plays the run well. Not sure if he is a center-fielder type who could play free safety. Sendejo, the UFL pickup, is more of a free safety. I'm interested to see him at work. I know the UFL is a cut well below the NFL, but he made a lot of plays in that league.

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    I think there's merit to this. To take it a step further, I think Barber is the one who shouldve bulked up and be allowed to bulldoze LBs as he did early in his career before everyone started crying about him needing to avoid taking so many hits. Performance is how you extend your career, not shying away from hits and running out of bounds. Put about 5-10 lbs of lean muscle back on Barber, do some speed training, and let him do his thing. Keep Felix lean, quick, and fast. Barber runs thru and over ppl, felix runs away from ppl. This is who they are. Each of our RBs is trying to be more like the other one. If they just stay in their respective lanes, and do what they do, we should be better off for it.

    Oh yeah... and that O-line.
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    Felix supposedly lost the weight several weeks ago anyway. Way to pay attention, Fraley.
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    So Felix barely got the ball early in the season and our OL is probably the worst in the league. Yup drop the bum.
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    Not sure I agree with Sendejo being better suited to FS. He looks like a SS to me.
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    Felix Jones looks just fine to me... Just get the guy the ball!

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