News: DMN: Fraley: Hello, bye! Cowboys have historically fared much better following season

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    11:51 PM CDT on Wednesday, September 29, 2010

    [SIZE=-1]COLUMN By GERRY FRALEY / The Dallas Morning News[/SIZE]
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    Column by GERRY FRALEY / The Dallas Morning News | gfraley@**************

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    IRVING – It is a quiet bye week for the Cowboys. By the end of the season, it could rank as the most productive week of the club's season.

    The Cowboys have a recent history, under coach Wade Phillips, of using the bye week as a springboard to better things. Add to that the benefits of an early bye, and this becomes more than a rest-and-recreation week for the Cowboys.

    Phillips admitted after the strong performance in Sunday's win at Houston that, "You really would like to go out and play again" this week. He said the energy continued in a good practice Wednesday, but whatever the Cowboys lose in momentum, they should gain in fine-tuning.

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    Poor Campo, bad team, bad Head Coach. Ouch. I like him though.
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    I'm glad they'll have a chance to rest up...

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