News: DMN: Fraley: Michael Vick 'could be the Pope and that would not excuse what Choice di

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    Fraley: Michael Vick 'could be the Pope and that would not excuse what Choice did'

    Gerry Fraley, Cowboys beat writer for The Dallas Morning News and answered readers questions in a chat Monday. Some excerpts:

    On his thoughts on Tashard Choice, the runner:

    Tashard Choice is a much more instinctive runner than Felix Jones or Marion Barber. Jerry Jones mentioned last week that Choice runs with some of the same style as Emmitt Smith. That is not a reach. Choice is no Smith, but Choice has the ability to make tacklers miss and get something out of nothing.

    On if Tashard Choice should not have asked for Michael Vick's autograph:

    What Choice did was wrong in so many ways. For starters, it tells me that while the offense was on the sideline getting ready for what it hoped would be one more shot, Choice's mind was elsewhere. he was thinking about having the pen to get the Vick autograph.

    Plus, I dislike the buddy-buddy stuff immediately after games. At least act like it hurts to lose.

    Read More http://cowboysblog.**************/archives/2010/12/fraley-vick-could-be-the-pope.html
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    I didn't see anything wrong with what Choice did, after the game the game is over.
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    Overblown story at it's finest....
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    There is no time that it would be "acceptable" for Choice to have gotten Vick's autograph.

    "Oh, Choice ran out to the bus to run down Vick for his autograph."

    "Oh, Choice waited in the hallway to get Vick's autograph."

    "Oh, Choice went to Michael Vick's home to get his autograph."

    They live under a microscope. Get over it. He did NOTHING wrong.

    Media drives me crazy sometimes :bang2:

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