News: DMN: Fraley: Wow! Cowboys' running game finally shows toughness

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    Gerry Fraley

    ARLINGTON – In the fourth quarter Sunday, something totally unexpected took place at Cowboys Stadium.

    The Cowboys running game gained double-figure yards on not one, not two, but three carries. To understand why this merits attention, consider the Cowboys had three runs of 10-plus yards on 78 carries for the previous 15 quarters.

    The long runs enabled the Cowboys to rush for 86 yards in the fourth quarter and pull away from Detroit with two touchdowns.

    The long runs turned what looked like another lackluster performance by the ground game into a good showing. The Cowboys ran for 134 yards, second-highest total of the season and 56 yards more than their season average. The average (78.3) was second-lowest in the league.

    "Sometimes, that's how the running game goes," said center Andre Gurode , who had a game-long battle with talented rookie offensive tackle Ndamukong Suh. "You may run the ball and not really get too much of anything, and other times it's there."

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