News: DMN: Garrett: Leaving the Dallas Cowboys was the best way for my brother to grow

Discussion in 'News Zone' started by WoodysGirl, Feb 13, 2013.

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    By Jon Machota / Special Contributor

    IRVING – John Garrett left the Dallas Cowboys last month to become wide receivers coach with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

    On Wednesday, Cowboys head coach Jason Garrett addressed his brother’s new job, explaining that he took the position because it gave him a better opportunity to grow as a coach.

    “As we’ve restructured this thing, I would never put him in a situation where he would call plays on our staff,” Garrett explained. “He and I had that discussion. We had that discussion in our organization. We felt like the best way for him to grow was not to be here. He’s got a great situation in Tampa with guys that he knows and respects. He’ll do a great job for them.”

    Jason Garrett said his brother had the opportunity to leave the last couple of years but the Cowboys “made it worth his while” to remain in Dallas.

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    was Jerry in the background with devilish grin on his face.
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    I really believe that I would have quit before I had to ask my brother to leave due to Jerry being on a post-season rampage. Then he has to get in front of everybody and try to make manure smell like roses. Damn Garrett, have some self- respect.
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    ~$10,000,000 > self respect

    Every time.
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    I'm going to go ahead and call 'BS' on this one. JG didn't even sound himself like he believed what he was saying.

    It's possible, I guess, that he didn't think his brother should be in the running to call plays. But I can't imagine John Garrett expecting to do that over Bill Callahan, in any context.

    At the same time, it's not like Dooley represents an obvious upgrade at that position coach spot.

    Something else was at play here, but I can't put my finger on what it might be. Maybe it's just that John Garrett wasn't too popular as a coach, or that Callahan wasn't thrilled with him, so the made a move that was inevitable. I don't buy for a second that Jerry Jones was punishing Jason by making him fire his brother. Or that Jerry cared all that much, one way or another, about an offensive position coach when there are so many more pressing problems to be addressed.
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    If Garrett loses again this season, we'll feel like the best way for Jason to grow was not to be here.
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    how anyone can have any respect for JG at this stage is beyond me
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    No one wants to believe it right bow but its probably not that far from the truth. It is better if he goes and climbs through the coaching ranks away from Jason. He will be more widely respected for his work and not criticized for having an unfair climb. It is better for all parties IMO. This is just a more professional approach.
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    The guy has already got money and I'm sure he could get another job. Truth be told, he is the type that saves his money and could live well with the money that he already has.
  11. Idgit

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    It kind of does make sense in that context, but it's still pretty obvious that John Garrett was told to look for another job. And then they replaced him with a guy like Dooley.

    It might well be that it works out in John Garrett's best interest to not be under his brother, but clearly he was told he needed to move for some reason. Either they didn't like his work, or there was an issue of some sort (not necessarily a personal one) on the offensive coaching staff they wanted to work around. Something more significant than we're hearing here.

    Anyway, it's a position coach. Not a big deal in the scheme of things, but it's interesting to speculate.
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    AAANNNDDD!!!! HOW!!!
  13. Stryker44

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    Isn't John Garrett older than Jason? Who would want to work for their younger brother?
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    I agree - I think John left because he wanted to get out of Jason's shadow here and build his own rep in the league. He probably wants a shot at being HC at college and needs to develop more contacts so going to a new venue should help in that quest.

    I think he did a good job with the TEs here. We had several TEs come through here who went on to do good things. Bennett developed into an elite blocker. Jason Witten just put up a record season. Hanna has developed into a possible player after being neglected until the 6th round of the draft despite having one of the best Combines of any player at any position and coming from a national powerhouse. No one believed this kid could become a threat as a pass catching TE yet here he was out there giving fits to opposing defenses at the end of the year.

    I wish John good luck in his coaching career.

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