News: DMN: Garrett lists three reasons why the Cowboys are switching to a 4-3 defense

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    By Brandon George / Reporter

    Coach Jason Garrett explained Wednesday the Cowboys’ reasoning for their philosophical defensive change, pointing out that a 4-3 defense will be simpler to learn, should help “absorb” injuries better and should force more turnovers.

    Garrett said a decision to switch defenses in 2013 was made shortly after the end of the season once the Cowboys felt comfortable that their 3-4 personnel would fit in a 4-3.

    “One of the things we tried to do in bringing Monte and Rod in, in a lot of different ways, is to address the NFL in 2013,” Garrett said. “Anybody who followed our football team last year knows that we were depleted on defense. The number of injuries that we had to really key, critical players, it was very difficult for us to overcome them.

    “And one of the conclusions we came to is that in this day and age in the NFL, with shortened off-seasons, shortened training camps, injuries, it’s important to try and put offensive and defensive systems in place that allow you to deal with the schedule and absorb the injuries that very well could happen. That was one of the philosophical advantages of playing this 4-3.”

    Garrett went on to say that he feels like the 4-3 can be a “simpler defense” for players to learn and “allows you to maybe” absorb injuries a little bit better.

    The other “key component” to the 4-3 defense, Garrett said, is that it forces more takeaways.

    Read more: http://cowboysblog.**************/2...-switching-to-a-4-3-defense-next-season.html/
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    I personally love the move back to the 4-3
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    When it comes to the move back to the 4-3, I can't help but be concerned that we're going to be lamenting the fact that we have a lousy pass rush like we were before we made the switch to the 3-4.

    It definitely strikes me as odd that more and more teams are going to the 3-4 while we seem to be going the other way.

    And to a defense that a new NFC East coach routinely shredded on a regular basis at that!
  4. Wood

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    They switched for one reason - they were not successful implementing the 3-4. I am still shocked they never even entertained the idea of bringing in space eater as NT before calling it quits.
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    Very much agree with you here.

    And with a great (albeit aged) candidate in Casey Hampton coming available, we're changing schemes.
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    You would need a GM for that, you know to get the parts a team needs. Or I guess you could have a flexible coach who can change his system to fit the talent he has.

    Dallas has a different structure so you get what ya get.
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    Ware, Spencer, Crawford and Wilbur could be a really good group of DEs, but the interior scares me. Jason Hatcher (3 tech) to me is a rotational player in a 4-3, which is fine because he salary reflects that, but he will likely start. Sean Lissimore should also be a good rotational player as well (1 tech). So we almost have to take a DT in round 1, in order to keep the snaps down on these 2 guys.
  8. speedkilz88

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    They did last season had they stayed at 14.
  9. speedkilz88

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    What do you think of Mebane and Branch at Seattle? Not exactly all stars but that defense is still top notch.
  10. Idgit

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    Makes sense. I think they had troubles last season getting players from the street into the lineup, and had to simplify the defense too much for their liking as a result, and it finally caught up to them.

    The big reason, though, is the turnover factor. I hope it works.

    And, for those of you who haven't listened to JG's presser yet today, I highly recommend it. It's excellent.
  11. Manwiththeplan

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    good run stoppers, imo seattle leaves a lot to be desired in the pass rushing department
  12. ABQcowboyJR

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    I think they have the best secondary in the league.
  13. fanfromvirginia

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    Am I the only one who wants to know why and how the 4-3 absorbs injuries better?
  14. DCBoysfan

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    I personally liked the 3-4, and I'm not sure how the switch back to the 4-3 absorbs injuries better..but that's just me?
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    Its alot harder to find LB's who can call plays, cover, rush the passer, play zone, man up against TEs, then it is to find DL who can rush the passer

    in the 3-4 you have 4 LB's that have to be able to do almost every one of those responsiblities, so when you get hit at LB (like we did) you are almost ensuring that you not only have to simplfy your def, but you also open yourself up to be exploited by the lack of ability of your LB's (IE no one covering the flats ever last season)

    in the 4-3, the LB's are only 3, and your main point of attack is your secondary, and DL so you have an easier time hiding the Lb's weakness, or inabilites, so you can withstand injuries a little bit better at the front seven position
  16. zrinkill

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  17. Idgit

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    It's that RR's multiple front defense was notoriously hard to learn.
  18. jrumann59

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    The thing is its harder to find linebackers and DT that fit the typical 3-4. most of the street FA when injuries happen are on the smaller side which suits the 4-3 much better.
  19. Boys122

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    So, we switched to the 4-3 Under because we're wimps and stupid? ):
  20. burmafrd

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