News: DMN: George: Even with DeMarco Murray, Cowboys abandoned running game

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    Brandon George, the Cowboys beat writer for and The Dallas Morning News, answered your questions about the team in a chat at Wednesday. Some excerpts:

    If Dallas doesn't get a chance to sign Laurent Robinson what are your thoughts on Radway taking his place?
    I really liked what I saw from Raymond Radway in the preseason last year, but it's hard to say what the Cowboys have in Radway considering the lack of competition he faced and his limited football background. Also, he'll be coming off of surgery. That said, Radway started running this week for the first time since his surgery and is expected to participate in all the Cowboys' off-season camps. Radway would certainly be hard-pressed to come close to matching the season turned in by Laurent Robinson, who led the Cowboys with 11 TD catches.

    For several years until DeMarco Murray it was obvious we were deficient in the running game and watching the Giants in 2007 and this season it is obvious the Cowboys need to go and get a big, bruising type running back to complement Murray and Jones. Do you see this happening?
    I'm writing about the Cowboys' running game for our Sunday newspaper. Even after the emergence of Murray this season, the Cowboys didn't take a big step forward in their running game this year. In fact, they rushed for only 21 yards more this season than last year. Also, when they reached the red zone and in goal-to-go situations, the Cowboys relied on the pass much more than their running game. So, they showed no faith in their running game, and Tony Romo can't do it alone, so I think they still need to address the running game but that's farther down the list of priorities for the Cowboys this off-season.

    Read the rest: http://www.**************/sports/da...rco-murray-cowboys-abandoned-running-game.ece

    For more of Brandon's chat, click here: http://www.**************/sports/dallas-cowboys/headlines/20120111-chat-replay-brandon-george-answers-cowboys-questions-ask-yours-now.ece
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    This is why it is a crisis to fans. The fans have a long lasting need to watch a balanced offensive attack. To do that, the interior, at a minimum for next season, of the offensive line is dead center in their sights.

    Right now, left guard is fully in need of change. Most on site, would chunk Phil Costa up to the top of need lists. Then there is questions a plenty on the future of Kyle Kosier as well.

    That leaves as a minimum a debt due balance for one guard and one center for this off season...even a possibility for replacement of the other guard and even right tackle the following season.

    Now the question for fans boils down to how realistic will be the remedy they wish for to marry up with team analysis and final directions?
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    Why would addressing the running game be further down the list of priorities? That's the OL not the backs. It should be first on our priority list.
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    Priorities for waiver in veterans:

    Terence Newman, Abram Elam, Bradie James, Anthony Spencer, Kenyon Coleman...all not equaling rather large salaries at present with recently demonstarted skills. Those, veterans, move usually before young player's salaries. But that is a huge group of veterans, that for the largest part, need to be replaced with veterans.

    That's two in the secondary; two linebackers; and a defensive lineman. (5)

    Now where does that marry with the offensive line?

    Phil Costa, Montae Holland, and Kyle Kosier (3)

    And that is just dealing with starters.

    But that total runs to (8). Really think veterans are added at that total?

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