DMN Goose Blog: Bunch of HOF blurbs...Staubach, Aikman, Pics, etc.

Discussion in 'History Zone' started by WoodysGirl, Aug 5, 2006.

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    Wright's blurbs are in his official thread...

    The Big Cat Cometh...

    From Matt Mosley in Oxnard, where he is covering the Cowboys.

    If Chris Berman would please, please shut up so that we can hear from Rayfield Wright. Love the photo with Tom Landry sitting on Rayfield's left shoulder.

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    Staubach, Aikman and the Steelers

    At HOF luncheon on Friday, Roger Staubach had this to say:

    Troy Aikman was fantastic in the '90s, when they beat the Steelers. And I always tell people, "Hey, we beat the Steelers in the Super Bowl." They don't remember if it was me or Troy, whatever. I gave him a brand new set of golf clubs. I sent him a long note and said, "Hey, way to go, Troy."

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    Canton Cowboys come out in force

    The Cowboy Nation has not had a reason to come to Canton since 1996, when Mel Renfro was inducted. With two Cowboys going in today, Cowboys fans appear to have returned in droves. Passing through the Hall of Fame this morning upon my arrival, Troy Aikman jerseys were everywhere - white, blue, double-star... There were some Carson, Moon and White, but nothing like the Aikman crowd. There were also some Roger Staubach, Emmitt Smith and Roy Williams jerseys parading through the halls of the football shrine.

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    Aikman and Young

    Here's pic of the old rivals before today's ceremony. Hmmm. Old sounds strange. Aikman is just 39.


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    Pat Summerall not attending

    More from Barry Horn...

    Southlake's Pat Summerall will miss the induction of two of his best friends – John Madden and Troy Aikman. He'll remain home and watch on TV. He spoke with each this week to send his best wishes.

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    Hall of Fame dinner picture


    Nice picture from Hall of Fame dinner last night by our own Louis DeLuca. More pics from Louis to come. Here are others from last night.

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    What we will be doing here today

    We'll post photos from the ceremony here as we get them as well as transcripts of the speeches by Rayfield Wright and Troy Aikman, video and more.

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    Electric in Canton

    This just in from Matt Mosley, who wrote last week's terrific piece on Rayfield Wright.

    Just placed a call to Rayfield "Big Cat" Wright a few minutes ago. He was leaving his hotel to head toward the noon induction ceremony.

    The co-author of his recent book, Jeanette DeVader, said the electricity in Canton was unbelievable. If you're planning to watch the ceremony, listen to what Rayfield's presenter, Stan Lomax, has to say. The former Fort Valley State football coach is a truly remarkable man, and from what I'm told, an excellent public speaker.

    Lomax has scripted out an 18-minute speech before being told in June that he would be limited to three minutes.

    I may be forced to skip Bill Parcells' news conference just this once in order to listen to Aikman's and Wright's speeches.

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    From NFL blog

    IT'S LIKE DALLAS NORTH (Aug. 5, 11:33 a.m. ET)
    The NFL Auctions group enjoyed great success Friday, ending up with 42 Hall of Famers coming through the Marriott's Jackson Room to sign. Among them were: Bill Willis, one of the four original African-American players to enter the NFL, Class of 2006 enshrinees Rayfield Wright and Harry Carson, and returning mainstays Merlin Olsen, Artie Donovan and a host of others.
    Walking toward Fawcett Stadium where the inductions are to take place and the game to be played on Sunday, it seemed like nine out of 10 jerseys were Cowboys jerseys. It seemed like a Dallas home game. Fathers were wearing Roger Staubach jerseys and sons were wearing Troy Aikman jerseys. I even saw four Aikman UCLA jerseys. But the oddest moment of that day came as I left the Marriott that afternoon. The garage attendant wouldn't let me leave the lot until I gave him an autograph. I signed the parking slip -- "To Daryl" -- as a line of cars waited impatiently behind me.

    'BOYS BACK IN TOWN (Aug. 4, 1:28 p.m. ET)
    With two of the six enshrinees having played for America's Team, it's no stretch to predict that Dallas Cowboys jerseys will dominate the scene at tomorrow's ceremony. I stopped by the Hall this morning, and the Dallas jerseys in and around the museum easily outnumbered the combined total of all the others.

    I was standing on a line at one point behind a guy in a Randy White jersey, when some old guy in a dress tapped him on the arm and said, "Hey, does your mama know you're wearing that?"


    The Dallas fan turned around to see it was one of the original "Hogettes." No Redskins in this year's HOF class, but apparently the Hogettes make the trip every year, regardless.

    From the Hall, it was down to the downtown Marriott, where they will be holding a press conference shortly. There's already been a great turnout at the NFL Auctions signing room, as evidenced by the helmet shown here.

    SEEING SIGNS (Aug. 4, 12:14 p.m. ET)
    I spent the morning at a memorabilia signing session for items that will be auctioned off. There were 26 Hall of Famers that came in this morning, and if you had a video camera to capture everything, the movie would be a best seller. Some of the best in football history swapping stories is always entertaining.

    George Blanda and I talked about the touchdown pass he threw against the Cowboys when he was 47 years old! He remembered Dallas had fumbled and John Madden let him go in. Blanda told the coach he was going to throw a pass, and with Madden's approval, he threw and out-route to Cliff Branch for a score. Blanda is the oldest NFL player to throw a touchdown.

    Bobby Bell, who played defensive end and linebacker for the Chiefs, also stopped by and he made sure to remind former Vikings safety Paul Krause that Kansas City beat Minnesota in Super Bowl IV.

    Thomas Henderson with Gil Brandt

    As for the signings, Pete Quaglierini oversees the process as Hall of Famers sign a lot of different items -- helmets, football, pictures and more. They will be auctioned off to benefit the Needy Player Hall of Fame fun. The items will be available for bid at

    Also, one note on the preparations for Saturday. Rayfield Wright hired a bus to bring 25 of his guests to Canton from Griffin, Ga., including his mother and sister. The bus left Griffin yesterday at 10:30 p.m. and arrived in Canton today at 11:45 a.m. Also, former Cowboy Thomas Henderson showed up in Canton, not for any of the parties but to be there for Rayfield.

    THE WRIGHT STUFF (Aug. 3, 6:30 p.m. ET)
    I just got back from the annual Youth Football Summit, which the league and the players union sponsors. Each year, the summit invites a high school coach from each state (they are elected by their peers). Rayfield Wright took some time today to come to the summit and speak to them for about 25 minutes. It wasn't really planned, and he could have spent the day resting, but he did an absolutely great job talking to them about all the principles it takes to be successful in football -- teamwork, being respectful to people, and trying the best you can in every practice. Rayfield really appreciated the coaches who taught him in high school and college, and his Fort Valley State coach, Stan Lomax, will introduce him Saturday at the induction ceremonies. Rayfield and the people who put together the summit every year deserve a lot of credit.

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