News: DMN: Gosselin: Cowboys' 'average' draft may yield only one starter next season

Discussion in 'News Zone' started by WoodysGirl, May 1, 2012.

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    Rick Gosselin, sports columnist for The Dallas Morning News and and member of the Pro Football Hall of Fame selection committee, answered your questions about the Cowboys and the NFL draft as well as the Mavericks, Rangers and Stars in a chat on Monday. Here are the highlights.

    Jerry said they would have taken an ILB with the 45th pick if they had not traded up for Claiborne. Is this a sign that Bruce Carter has disappointed the coaching staff with his progress thus far?
    Gosselin: I expect Bruce Carter to start this season on the inside alongside Sean Lee. But he has position flexibility. He also has the tools to play the outside. You can't judge him based on 2011. He was coming off a knee injury and wasn't even football-ready until November. There was no offseason program for him to learn the defense. I remember when Troy Polamalu was a rookie for the Steelers. All of Pittsburgh was calling him a bust because he spent his rookie season covering kicks and playing very little defense. He started in his second season and went to the Pro Bowl. Now he's being labeled a future Hall of Famer. You need more than one season to judge what any rookie can do. Carter is healthy now, he'll know the defense and the Cowboys expect him to start. We can talk more in depth on Carter after the 2012 season.

    What grade would you give the Cowboys draft overall?
    Gosselin: I thought the Cowboys had an average draft. I'm not sure they drafted more than one starter for 2012 -- and this is a non-playoff team that needs more help than that from its draft class.

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    Hard to argue with the Goose on the draft.

    But I think we get 3 or 4 major contributers.
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    Goose thought we should target four starters in the draft. Dumb.
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    Goose is a glass half empty guy and always will be. He has knowledge but in the end he is a media guy. No draft class can ever be judged until at least two years down the road.
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    He may be right about the one starter. The odds of having more go down when you give up a second rounder. Of course that one starter could easily make the impact of two.

    But I see at least 3-4 guys could contribute. Combine that with the rest of the offseason moves, and we should be better.
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    What a tool Goose is. How many times over the years that teams are built from the outside in. That players on the outside (CB's, edge LB's, pass rush DE's) are more valuable than the middle (MLB, safety).

    The Cowboys take Claiborne and the tune changes. Now defenses are built from the front (D-line) and go back (secondary).

    Pick a narrative and stick with it Goose.
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    I agree with what he's saying about Carter; all of it.

    Some folks around here need to remember his situation last year and really should look at him a partial rookie. I also feel he can play inside and outside for us.
    We'll see.
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    I have a sneaking suspicion Goose hasn't devoted nearly as much time evaluating draft talent and gleaning info from the insiders as he has in the past. That much seems likely since he's abandoned pre-draft offerings to devote added time to serve his promotion as a columnist.

    Of course, he may, indeed, be correct but even the best of gurus can't usually predict the success or failure of an entire draft class without the benefit of the necessary time to follow their development as a pro. Still, it's interesting reading, regardless of whether it's ultimately accurate or not.
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    Goose doesnt know any more then us here about who will contribute...

    He looks at a list formulated by his info he gets and then assumes they are correct. Let me guess....his one starter is Clairborne? Because are next pick wasnt to the 3rd rd.....and wasnt probably on his board....automatically makes the pick questionable.

    In the end.....its just a prediction....the draft is a crap shoot....We may end up with one starter......or we may end up with 3 or more......who really knows till we see them play.
  10. jimnabby

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    Hello, cognitive dissonance.
  11. Joe Rod

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    He is an odd character. They took the only thing that he is truly exceptional at away and in the place of that added the things that he is quite frankly only marginal at (at best).

    It's a shame.
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    when Gosselin talks I tune out.....
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    Starter is kind of an outdated concept. There are so many sub packages now and starters at many positions may play only about half the actual game snaps.

    The first DL off the bench in your rotation, the 3rd CB, 2nd TE, 3rd WR. Those are all guys who get substantial playing. We drafted three guys who are going to compete for those roles and tremendously improved our 3rd CB situation
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    I dunno.

    I think it's kind of stupid to say that it "may yield only 1 starter".

    First and foremost, Claiborn will start.

    Secondly, the TE will get significant snaps.

    But more so than that, simply saying "starter" is completely ignorant of how much a player actually does.

    Kickers and Punters are starters.

    Martellus Bennett was in on how many snaps per season yet he was a "starter".

    Here's a thought, even if the WR they drafted and the TE they drafted each turn out to fulfill their idealistic roles (#2 TE and #3WR), one of them will not start.

    I don't care if any specific player "starts" RIGHT NOW. Can the DE they drafted from Boise develop into a starter? Can the WR they drafted turn into a solid #3?

    Here's a quote form Rick:

    So in year where Dallas takes 1 definitive starter in the 1st three rounds, that's a good start but in the following year when they take 1 definitive starter in the 1st 4 rounds, that something to criticize?

    They took 1 guy last year who wasn't even supposed to contribute all that much in his rookie season. This year, all three of the guys they picked are clearly going to have a role.

    And I disagree about the "one player away". In fact, I'm starting to wonder if the "one player away" idea is a worse route to go.

    Dallas traded up because the value was outstanding and the player was top notch. He was the best player on the board after Luck.

    Any team that thinks they are "one player away" will likely be trading up to get a specific player who may or may not be the best player on the board. They're essentially reaching in hopes of getting to that next level.

    Dallas didn't reach at all.
  15. InmanRoshi

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    Imagine how awesome this draft would have been if we traded down so many times we accumulated 22 low round picks, and started them all as rookies. It would instantly become the greatest draft in football history, because we got so many "starters".
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    Goose has nailed the grade on quite a few Cowboys drafts in the past.

    In 2002 when everyone was excited, Goose tagged the draft a "C" and ended up being right. He graded the 2005 draft an "A" and was right again.

    His scale is harsh, expecially for the Cowboys, but he's earned the benefit of a doubt regarding the draft in general.
  17. FuzzyLumpkins

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    I have always felt that Goose is a great researcher but a terrible analyst. DMN took him out of his strength but the newspaper industry being what it is probably led to that.
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    Oh, I can argue with him all day long and beat him down like a ******** sponge full of water.

    That cat has been stealing money for years by pretending to know about the draft. If he wasn't bald, he'd be twirling his hair when he speaks and use " as if " in every other sentence. He makes Alicia Sylverstone proud.
  19. Randy White

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    and this is just a small of example of how clueless " the goose " is.
  20. Randy White

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    In 2002 he claimed, straight up, in the Norm Hitzgues' show that there weren't going to be any QB taken in the first round because there weren't any talented ones. 4 months later, David Carr and Joey Harrington were taken #1 and #3 overall.

    The following year, he came back and said the same thing at around December of 2002. In April of 2003, Carson Palmer and Byron Leftwich were taken #1 overall and #7 overall.

    He's a hack who's best attribute is that of a parrott, which is to repeat what he hears. Outside of that, he makes Larry Lacewell look like a draft genius.

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