News: DMN: Gosselin: Cowboys in 'disarray'; Romo doesn't trust his receivers

Discussion in 'News Zone' started by WoodysGirl, Sep 30, 2011.

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    Catch SportsDay On Air twice per week on Fox Sports Southwest, when Dallas Morning News experts discuss hot sports topics from the Cowboys, Mavericks, Stars, Rangers and colleges (check out TV listings for air times). Here are a few highlights from Thursday's episode featuring Rick Gosselin and Brad Townsend:

    On the defense's early season performance:

    Gosselin: If you have a dominating front seven, you can get by with average cornerbacks, and that’s what’s happening right now … That’s Rob Ryan’s escape. He’ s going to rush the passer, he’s going to create havoc up front. The Redskins four times got within the 30 and they came away with three field goals. There’s a tougher-minded mentality on this defense than we’ve seen in recent years.

    On whether Tony Romo has emerged as a better leader since the Jets loss:

    Townsend: I think the public perception is it’s a different Romo, but I think Tony Romo’s always been a solid quarterback and a good leader. I think this has put him on a different stage and given him a different opportunity to show that leadership, but I think the toughness has been there all along, he’s just never had to play with a cracked rib before.

    Read the rest: http://www.**************/sports/da...disarray-romo-doesn-t-trust-his-receivers.ece
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    I think saying they are in disarray is way over dramatic... we have some issues for sure, but there aren't many teams that don't, especially this early in the season.
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    Gosselin writing more garbage. Stick to the draft old man. Anything other than that you know nothing.
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    I agree.

    Is there a lot of work to be done? Of course. Is the team in disarray? No.

    A team that is 2-1, who has played opposition with a combined 6-3 record is not in disarray.
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    It's funny when he's on Norm's show on the Ticket and he tries to talk about other sports now, he's truly clueless
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    the cowboys are not in 'disarray'
    the receivers had no time with romo last week because of his injury

    having said this, JG needs to make the 'next man up' is ready
    romo bailed the team out big time this week
    i have no doubt they will be better prepared this week, JG and romo will make sure of it

    witten's workload will not go up because i can guarantee you that the lions will take him away (double coverage) and force the other WRs to make plays
    i htink that robinson otree, and harris (and bryant if he plays) have the talent to do it, will they? no idea
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    I think Romo does not trust ogletree.
  8. Doomsday101

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    It would be understandable if he did not have trust. I do think they will continue to work to get this iron out in practice. I also have no doubt Romo is working very close with Ogletree to minimize these mistakes
  9. dallasdave

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    I hope Romo does work out problems with Ogletree, but I think we will see a lot of Romo to Robinson in lions gAME.
  10. Doomsday101

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    I'm sure they will trying to work in Robinson as much as they can but others including Ogletree will see action and we need these guys better focused than last week.

    The hard thing is when the WR gets up to the line he has to know where to run the rout often based on the defensive being in man or zone. It is not as simple as running 5 yards and cut to the right it get a bit more complicated than that but Ogletree should know this and know where he is suppose to be
  11. ThreeSportStar80

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    I expect a better performance out of those WRs this week...
  12. ZeroClub

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    The defense isn't in disarray, nor are the special teams.

    The offense was in disarray on Monday night. The OL was inconsistent. Even center snaps became a major issue. The WRs were largely clueless.

    This disarray is at least in part due to playing inexperienced guys who have missed practice reps due to the lockout and injury.

    The offensive coordinator is in a tough spot with his transitional OL and injuries to his key skill position players. Romo is too.
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    Just biding their time until Harris gets up to speed. :D

    To KO's defense (hard to do for me) he was asked to play mutliple WR positons due to both Miles being out and Dez having less reps. Another week of practicing all three spots should help. Some goes for the new guy.
  14. bbailey423

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    I find it incredulous that this organization would stockpile this roster with ONE....ONE WR that runs the correct routes. Romo is in the prime of his career. Ogletree is your #3 WR? He could start for NO one else in the NFL..but he is our #3? Your #3 WR..much like your #3CB, should be viewed as a starter, because they are one play away from starting. And I am tired of people talking about the YOUTH at WR. That is by CHOICE! No one put a gun to our heads and said you MUST play with these cats. Dez is in year 2. Ogletree is in year 3. Harris is in year 1. I mean, were we TRYING to win a Super Bowl this year?
  15. punchnjudy

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    Frankly, if we watched another team screw up snaps and have wide receivers stop on routes, we'd all say the same thing.

    He's saying what we'd all say if it were the Giants or Eagles on Monday night.

    However, a lot of it really was due to a couple of players making the rest of the offense look bad. For those who attend games or have access to game footage, I would like to hear how Dez's routes look (both when healthy and injured). If his routes still aren't sharp even when he's healthy, that would concern me the most out of everything Goss wrote.
  16. Sitting Bull

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    Disarray? Really? The whole team? Even though he just said the D is playing with toughness not previously seen and is mitigating an average secondary with a strong front seven. Drama queen. The rookie center is in disarray and young receivers, pressed into action due to injury, are missing assignments. Every single team is in disarray, then.

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    And Gosselin knows this how?

    By the way, as many mistakes as Ogletree made at WR, Romo still came back to him in the final drives and OTree made the catches. How is that indicative of Romo not trusting his receivers?

    And the paly that selaed the win for Dallas was Romo's trow to Bryant on 3rd and 21. Dallas was in 2 -down mode given the waning minutes on the clock, but rahter than meeting the Redskins' blitz with a safe throw underneath and live to play a 4th down play, Romo saw the 1-on-1 with Bryant, signaled and redirected him inside, Bryant got on Romo's page and follwed suit with the signal, and burned MeGosselin Hall inside for the first down.

    THAT, is trusting your WRs.

    Sorry MeGosselin, your article = GARBAGE = FAIL!
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  19. Hostile

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    If this is disarray give me more.
  20. jimnabby

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    No, we weren't. We're trying to build a perennial contender. That's why you didn't see any big "push us over the top" moves in free agency (yes, I know we tried for Nnamdi). All the moves that have been made in the last year are consistent with building a winner for the next several years, with winning this year as a secondary consideration. Of course, if we do win this year, great.

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